Following the recent attack made by military personnels on #EndSARS protesters in Lagos, many human right activists have started protesting for total eradication of special police unit called SARS also.

Aisha Yesuf is one of the human right activists who came out protesting against SARS brutality with Hijab in Abuja.

She is regarded as statue of the ENDSARS protest. This young lady has become popular in Nigeria because of the way she came out to protest in Abuja.

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Despite the water slashed on peaceful protesters, Aisha was the Nigerian lady who walk up to police officers and addressed the shameful act.

Veteran Kannywood actor, Zaharaddeen Sani Owner blasted Aisha Yesufu in a 4 minutes video he shared via his Instagram handle.

The actor said that Aisha Yesufu dragged norherners to join the ENDSARS protest which was started by southerners across several parts of the country.

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According to the video on instagram, he said that endsars protest is not needed in the country.

He noted that any patriotic Nigerian who loves the country will not involve himself in the ongoing protest against SARS brutality because the federal government have already accepted the demands of youths.

Speaking further, actor Zaharaddeen stated that protesters are stealing public properties and prisons have been broke because of this protest.

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The actor went ahead to blame Aisha Yesufu for destroying properties in Kano where shoprite and people’s properties were stolen.

He accused Aisha of calling hoodlums and youths to joined the protest which led to destruction of lives and properties.

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