Photography is one the oldest skill and service rendered to people for many, with the advent of technology the business has been changing.

Youths of different categories are engaging in the profession with new innovation and style, in our Weekend Lifestyle, our Editor had an interview with rising photographer, Abbas Adamu ( Abbasbrah pixels ) based in Kaduna City.

Arewa Affairs: Good day, Abbas Adamu our readers want to know your brief background.

Abbas: Abbas Adamu, my origin traced from Askira Uba Local Government of Borno State, I was born in Kaduna South Local Government of Kaduna State in the year 1993, 30th day of the month of September.

Arewa Affairs: Okay, what about educational pursuit ?

Abbas: I attended Primary school in Command Children school relibadu cantonment Kaduna and obtained first leaving certificate in 2005, later joined Secondary school in Brainstrust college Kurmin Mashi Kaduna graduated 2011.

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Arewa Affairs: So your education terminate in Secondary School or you move further?
Abbas : No ! Then went to Benin republic to further my education and studied Economics
Arewa Affairs: During your University days did you hold any position in campus Union?
Abbas: Yes I held the post of social director of Arewa Students Forum of ISM Idonai University Benin republic affiliated to American University of leadership Florida

Arewa Affairs : What inspired you to contest for that position?

Abbas : People say I have always been social and I bond with people easily so I though I should use that to bring sociality to the campus environment.

Arewa Affairs: After your graduation from University during NYSC did you maintain your style of being social ?

Abbas : Yes

Arewa Affairs: So what are your experiences in NYSC camp ?

Abbas : My experience in the camp was the best part of the NYSC, I met new people, made new friends. I always making people smile and have fun, Hahaha most people said I am the only one enjoying NYSC camp.

Arewa Affairs: What motivate you to start photography?

Abbas : Since when mobile phone camera came into existence have passion for camera , I love capturing moments and peoples smile, so after school during my service year I decided to make it as a good passion and make a profession.

Arewa Affairs: Precisely who taught you how to capture a professional photo?

Abbas : I have so many tutors, because I love asking questions, but the person that thought me how do it well is Sa’eed Abdulrahman (Al Sa’eed images).

Arewa Affairs: How many years you spend doing it ?

Abbas: As I said I am into it for years but make it professional photography is year 2020.

Arewa Affairs: Good , how difficult or easy it is?

Abbas : It’s very difficult and at the same time very easy. All you have to do is be familiar with your camera settings and the location you’re taking pictures.Your camera will become your best friend

Arewa Affairs: What about your customers?

Abbas : I don’t understand
Arewa Affairs: I mean the set of people that are patronizing your service

Abbas : Mostly ladies.

Arewa Affairs: What about guys?

Abbas : Very few guys, when they come may be they’ll pay for the services of their wives or kids or their girl friends.

Arewa Affairs: What can you say about the youths sitting idle without doing anything waiting for white collar jobs ?

Abbas: I will like to call on them to shine their eyes to engage in meaningful ventures that would help them, the period waiting for color job has come to an end.

Arewa Affairs: Did you want to add something ?

Abbas: The last one let me add; most graduates thinks because you finish school and want a high paying job, most of them don’t venture in to entrepreneurship or learn a skill. I’ll advice them to learn a skill. “It’s not about what your country can do for you, is what about you can do for you country”.

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