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The National President of Nigerian Youth Congress, Comrade Blessing A Akinlosotu has called on the Federal Government to reform the Nigerian police force.

In a statement released to newsmen on Sunday, the NYC laments that ”The recent happenings has become a source of concern for every well meaning youth in Nigeria today.

Police brutality is not accepted in a growth driven around the world. The police is meant to protect the citizens and not to take the lives of those they swore oath to protect”

The statement added that , Police brutality around the country is a call to our leaders to take the necessary steps in ensuring our police is over hauled in a manner to serve better purpose of our people.

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The Nigeria Youth Congress (NYC) has through a virtual means met with stakeholders to ask the direction through which we follow in curbing the protests ravaging the country in the End SARS campaign taken over by youths on the streets.

The leadership of NYC had noticed a lacuna in the process of ending SARS that even in the illegalities expressed by members of SARS, they have a serious role to play in ensuring criminals don’t have an easy flow.

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The NYC believes that ending SARS will give room for armed robbers to have a new mode of operations as it is the major aim of establishing SARS to completely dislodge armed robbery in our country and ending them won’t be a good idea.

The NYC strongly believe in urgent police reform to properly checkmate those involved in crime and other vices raised by the youths.

The NYC believes that if urgent steps are not taken now to reform the police in generality, a new group will still emerge in creating problems for Youths and the circle continues.

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As a foremost youth body, we won’t let such callous acts of murder, stealing and unlawful activities continue especially against youths as reform is the only strategy to curb the activities of SARS in ensuring everyone knows his duty as a police and citizen.

The NYC rejects in totality the killings of youths at any guise without the law and plead with the federal government to reform the police and ensure all those involved in police brutality are brought to book to ensure justice is served, the statements concluded.

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