Centre for Information and Technology Development, CITAD has called on the Bauchi state government to allow independent investigation on the frequent and death in some parts of the state.

The Acting Programme Coordinator, Isah Garba Azare made this called recently in a statement made available to Newsmen in Bauchi.

He said ” As a matter of urgency to allow for an independent Committee to investigate the frequent death in the affected areas in the state. In this connection we call on the NCDC to send an independent panel to carry out its investigation as it did in the case of Kano”.

The centre also called on the State Taskforce Committee to ensure that all criteria and preventive measures are observed in all hospitals in the state, stressing that ” In particular, the state government should provide PPEs to workers at the frontline across the state”.

Garba Azare further said ” The State Taskforce Committee should set up sample collection centres across the state to make it easier and faster for testing to done, given that there is still no testing centre.

In connection with this, we would like to call on the State Government to partner with ATBU to establish a testing centre in the state. They can learn from what Bayero University Kano has done in Kano State .

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The state government should enforce the prohibition of in the interstate movement through a partnership with the transport union in the state and punishing offenders as did in other states.

The state government should provide all requirements of the health facilities in the state that will make them ready to face the challenges of the pandemic

The health workers the state should be properly trained in ways of responding to such emergencies and provided with PPEs”.

CITAD further urged the state government to liase with Council of Ulama so as to ensure burials have been done according to NCC good guidelines.

” The state government should work with the Council of Ulama to ensure that the Burial Protocols as advised by both the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and the NCDC are observed.

We call on individuals to the state to heed the advice contained in the protocols and ensure that at no time do they break their guards with respect to social distancing as well other preventive measures such as wearing of facemask and hand globes”.

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The statement further reads ” The state government should partner with the private sectors and other philanthropists within and outside the state to source palliatives to complement its resources so as to provide palliatives to the needy citizens of the state

The Government should without farther delay enforce as total lockdown in the state. As requirement for this, it should spell out its pollutive plans as it cannot continue to prevaricate given the implication of its failure to provide palliatives on its capacity to control the spread of the virus and on the lifes of citizens of the state

The state government needs to expand isolation centres to cater for other major population centres in the state.

The state government should devote at least 4 hours daily on the state radio stations on public enlightenment and sensitization programmes on COVID 19”.

The Technology Development centre further expressed concern over neglegance of people on the use of hand sanitizers and observing of social distancing.

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” There is no use of hand sanitizers or face masks in the markets and people are crowding without social distancing. People do not consider these as important. But even more importantly, hand sanitizers and facemasks are not available in rural communities, include in major towns outside the state capital such as Azare

Although Friday and Sunday services are suspended in-state congregations prayers are being conducted which is contrary to the requirement of social distance initiative. For Example, Salatul Tarawih is performed in many mosques within the state capital and in all towns. Similarly, some Churches also still organize programmes not on Sundays but in other days that generate many crowds.
In spite of the complains and suspicion about the possible link between the spike in the number of deaths in parts of the state and COVID 19, across the state, burials attract huge crowns as well as at condolence places where social distancing and other preventive measures are observed in the breach” .

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