Sweet Corona, I indite you this missive to deviate from the popular choruses that chant your disdain, hate and the hope of your hasty annihilation.

I write to celebrate the profound amity you brought to this sinful world – a world tainted with bloodsheds of innocence, which, at every blink of an eye, spurred up the energy to despair humanity. I write to celebrate you because I ogle you a panacea for our sick earth, bedridden of social illness and injury.

I write to give you a warm embrace, for I see in you a consequential flip-flop that will design, though ephemeral, remedies of what seems to be eternal, global grievances.

Darling Corona, be a blind stupor to those who squint you an ultimate terror, looming over the vulnerable masses. Believe me, you are more of a healing to mankind whose gusto is now savoured by the serenity of a global piety and alturism, igniting positive spark through the dark shadows of humanity.

The lessons you have so far taught humanity are by far the best I have seen in my conscious life. You have come at a time when man, bewildered by the wonders of science and technology, declines divine intervention in his affairs. But suddenly, like an abyss, your unfinished sojourn into this world injects into him a feeling akin to stupefaction, so hard is it to stand the gravity of your astoundment that he casted out his stupidity, and begins to call onto his Lord for salvation. Supplication, a sidelined spiritual treasure, becomes his priority. He turns to The Good Book, to The Good Apostle and to The Good King, crying for a timely, divine solace.

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Corona, intuitionally, you have restored back the spirit of sense, love and brotherhood among the human race. The super powers now bend down their egos and make some alturistic efforts to reach a common goal without selfishness. You have reawakened the rulling elites of the black nations to see the reasons and consequences of abandoning their cardinal responsibility of well-being of the masses. You have discouraged man from ‘following the footsteps of the devil’ – the accursed one – by distancing him from social sins.

You have taught man to appreciate the virtue of cleanliness and personal hygiene. For the lockdown, you have made strangers in same family to know each other better, and you have also taught a man the most important of good social behaviors: self-discipline.

My dear Corona, I wish you will henceforth become our ecclesiastical authority who will, from time to time, sojourn the earth and offer an extraordinary moment of tranquility by checkmating moral decadence and commanding what is good, the result of which is the vision of a momentum bliss that will ring on the ears of a man like a bolstering echo of a nearby symphony. I wish you become a seasonal humus that will continuously sprout the flower of love and unity among the earth’s species.

I know, certainly, that you will one day depart this world, and man will continue with his mischiefs, but I pray then that he will not soon forget the courteous benevolence you have brought. I pray that he will not soon forget your moral sensation and will absorb its magnanimity till eternity.

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Yours affectionately,
Aminu Nuru.

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