A Bauchi based Non-governmental Organization; Attah Sisters Helping Hands Foundation has marked this year’s international women’s day by sensitizing Jalam community in Dambam LGA of Bauchi state on the effects and preventive measures of the derided coronavirus that was recently reported in Lagos.

The executive Director of the Organization, Mrs. Comfort Attah who said the day is an opportunity for women and girls to persist in making their voices heard said “we felt this year; we should do something different by sensitizing women on coronavirus”.

“Your know there are a lot of conspiracy theories and disinformation making the rounds about the virus, especially on social media, and in most cases women are the victims and most affected.

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“That is why Attah Sisters Helping Hands Foundation left its comfort zone to visit a remote village of Jalam in Dambam LGA to create awareness on how women could keep simple personal hygiene and take preventive measures against the coronavirus in the vent there are cases of outbreak” Attah has said.

Mrs Attah said the sensitization was necessary since there are suspected cases of the virus in Nigeria.

“You know our health system is usually poor and overstretched in many ramifications, these kinds of sensitizations will go a long way in reducing pressure on the already weak and saturated health care system that lack the most basics of equipment and personnel to handle simple epidemics talk more of coronavirus”, she said.

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The executive director who expressed confidence that women folks in local communities are regaining their confidence in making useful decisions that concerns their lives added that “anytime I visit these communities, my self esteem as a woman gets more reinvigorated because the women in these communities are intelligent and could articulate clearly what they wanted in their lives”.

“So, all we need to do as a people is to empower them and give them equal opportunities to harness their fullest potentials, and that is what the foundation is consistently doing”, she added.

Attah said advancing the right of women and girls remains the most important tasks of the 21st century, adding that “with a global outpouring of women and girls demanding equality, an escalating wave of legislation, and a new era of accountability, the time is now to finish this work and build a future where all individuals have the freedom, power and opportunity to shape their lives.

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She argued that women and girls made up half of the global population, “we know that achieving our mission rests on seeing women’s rights protected and their equality realized.”

“We have an opportunity to build on these remarkable gains, lean into the momentum fueled by women and girls around the world, and forge a future where gender equality is possible”, she concludes.

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