Arts and crafts can be described as handy works that Almighty God bless many with such talents, there are many rising artists especially youths who are aspiring to become expert in that field, one is Sadiu Abdulmumin Degri from Gombe State.

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The young rising artist has illustrated many painting of different items.

He recently shared many of such work on his Facebook page saying that ” My name is Saidu Abdulmumini Degri, popularly know as Abdul-BigArt (my art name) I am a talented artist from Gombe State area of Northern Nigeria who strives to provide beauty through art for all my patrons”

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Abdul expressed hope that his will expand in future.

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” I AbdulBigArt hopes to expand knowledge and creative expertise across all endeavours.

I am committed to providing clients with the best possible experience through artistic expression” .

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