It has been a tradition in the Nigerian academic environment particularly in federal universities that the disparities of tuition fees among the universities remain an outstanding question that demand a special as well as urgent concern from the federal government as the students of those universities are the bonafied indigenous people of country so why should they notice a variation on same thing? This is the question that demand urgent respond so as to clear the misconception of the general public.

However, access to quality education is a right that every citizen deserve to enjoy without any hesitation or racism and it’s known to all this right has been enshrined in the Nigerian constitution under chapter four (4) and all peoples are entitled to it irrespective of their religion, regional, tribal, or social differences, therefore the system now sound unjust to the majority of our students who are studying in the federal universities.

Let’s make it vivid here to all, if a student of Political science or Sociology will pay N30,000 in Federal University Dutse, F UD and same student in others universities pay N40,00 thousands so what do they trying to portray to the others? And does this indicate a fairness in our acdemic corridors? Or they are indirectly implying that there is a variation between in our between federal citadel of learning in Nigeria? If you positively respond to these questions you will hardly admit that the system is justifiably unified and if this happens then our system is no more ideal one and it will exonerate to an extent that the have not will see it very obnoxious to them since they are only the targeted victims meanwhile all sort of social vices and negative/deviant attitude will set in the country such as robbery, corrupt, mismanagement of public fund, rape, kidnapping etc.

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Nevertheless, it is an undisputed facts for academicians to believe some courses of studies are differ with others in term of course duration, perhaps it sound right to think that way but since those courses are considered as extraordinary courses the system should offer an affordable tuitions to it and should also be considered as nationally exact fees to be paid by any without any centrism. For instance in the case of science courses they demand modern research equipment which will cost a huge amount money, so if we view this as the curse to it expensive then we are somehow right but what of in the case of of Art courses which demand not any equipment.

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Should we accept the way and manner they are making it too expensive to us in the federal universities? If yes then let’s consider those schools as capitalist colleges because only in capitalist orientated entitity one will find a same product with variety of price attached to it.

Moreover, if federal universities keep on moving unchanged the system is at the batch of failure and when the educational system failed so everything failed in the country.

Sir Garry Mottershed said “A bad system can destroy a good people” if logically make a deep look to his citation we will reach a conclusion that will ensure us the decay of our nation when ever the system of education woefully failed.

Furthermore, in nowadays Nigeria only few hoi polloi are capable of managing their affairs not to talk of education and if we let the system operating invariably so we beating a drum of national failure to our country because when we failed to cater our minor home expenses how do you expect to run your educational affairs smoothly without retardation? Also in additional to this the sad reality is those elites and richs people who are economically buoyants have become oppressors in the sense that they show no concern to our educational system as they send their first class childs to study in abroad and left us in mud schools taking rats and bush meat as our source of protein yet claiming to be nationalist which lie in totality, and this in long run or short run will culminate to the decay of higher institutions in Nigerian context.

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Nonetheless, eucation should be given a priority above anything in a country where things are moving roughly in order to emancipate it from failling drastical and education should be consider as one ingredient upon which all other developmental aspects are building on and government should tremendously focuse on education so as have a conducive atmospheric environment to live.

Finally I want to make a clarion call upon our zealous and courageous comrades to join our hands and mingle our voice to ward eradicating this unjust system of running our federal universities.

In unity we achieved and in separation we failed.

Abdurahman Yunusa is a Political Scientist, Analyst, Poet and good governance advocate…. Writes from Bauchi.

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