Re-structuring Almajiri System of education


Almajiri’s system of education should be Restructure with immediate effect.haven seen and acknowledged the recent directives given by the Executive Governor of Kano state, I hereby find this brief message necessary.

The Almajiri’s shouldn’t just be banned from street begging but the Educational system should as well be reform and Restructure.

Almajiri’s System of education functioned in pre colonial North, according to expectations but recently has totally lost it ways and has also serve as an avenue of making money by the unlearned Mallams.

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Almajiri’s System which most of the time needed by students or pupils for learning the Holy Qura’an is lost to street begging.

The system is filled with unlearned and non- professional Islamic teachers who propound self-esteem ideas and thoughts regarding begging.

The system is bedeviled with challenges that all the organs and element require serious restructure. The students are expose to disease,crime and street violence.

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The system has succeeded to thrive because of highly irresponsible parents who use it as an escape route.

The horrible chain require Northern leaders intervention and how would they succeed in achieving this :Several Enforcement such as developing and workable operational guidelines should be put in place ( Each Northern states must enact and implement laws not only on street begging but also Educational system )

*Conducive and adequate teaching and learning environment should be establish for them.

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*The curriculum should be review

*There shelter, well being and welfarism should be taken care.

*An agency should be established for the sole purpose of piloting the whole affairs with serious measures.

*The curriculum should not just based on the Islamic studies but western Educational inclusively. Etc.

The onus is on Northern leaders to push for it. Almajiri’s are our children.

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