The Need for FG to Change its Approach towards Tackling Insecurity in the Country

However, Nigerian government need to reform and restructure the way it treating its terrorist local and foreign ones, unleashing dreadful terrorist as Bokoharam and bandits.


The new approach engage by the Nigerian government in reconciling with bloody insurgent in Nigeria is absolutely outdated and unworkable approach because it will not yield a desired result.

Having considering the fact that Northeastern part of the country has specifically experienced a homogenious security challenges for over a decade resulting to many unpleasant incidences, massive breakdown in economy, increase in number of Internally Displaced Persons ( IDPs ) and increase the rate of unemployment all in single region, yet the region witnessed no any positive tangible effort by any actor toward emancipating and reviving it. Perhaps this has been a topic of discussion for over years and till date we are busy rooming and searching a possible solution to our vices.

First of all for someone to venture in to concensus matters with anyone he must be too submissive and be ready to accept whatever came out as a terms and conditions that may follow during or after the event, this also most a times give such perpetrators power and strength to be exercising their dreadful affairs within a sovereign state without fear or respect of any actor.

Meanwhile the government usually give them listening ears and sometimes endure their entrench method of shenanigans which usually lead to the birth of the newly unwanted attacks in some peaceful areas for the insurgent perpetually get access to receive money from unknown bodies along the line of reconciliation matter.

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So also, this approach could only be adopted when the second party is less harmful, less armed or even less strategic but I see no logic in seating with morons and imbecile in a marvelous temple aiming to listen their ungodly excuses because to me this is passively showcasing the idleness of the government and at time serving as an aiding equipment to their bastard business.

However, it’s now high time for a government if it is a responsible one to wake up from it slumber and witchunt those terrorist and kill them at all cost and even if they tend to surrender let them first face the wrath of their terror actions that means there retrieve should not be honored by any security personal.

Nonetheless, the recent event that took place in between the one police department popularly known as SARS and those villains folks called Bokoharam is indeed a joyful saga for we heard that the mentally impaired terrorist had received the highest price of their filthy actions from our courageous SARS who happened to engage in rigorous battle with them yet the terrorist suffered a wholehearted defeat from their counterpart.

This is indeed a glamorous news that gladden the mind of each an every patriotic Nigerian for we begin to witness a sparkling light amidst of a gloomy night in harzardeous street filled with beast and vampires.

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Moreover, government must afford to face the dimwitted insurgents at all cost to wage a revengeful war against them for this is the only method that will ensure the rebels that government is now at full measure toward devastating their worthless capm for we unanimously believe a mad dogs must be chased away and confronted by the angry beast and if possible the president should do the needfull by reshuffling his security personal and restrategize the approach of facing the deadly group Bokoharam and by extension to update the national arsenal with modern sophisticated weapons which will mersicelessly dealt with terrorist.

However, Nigerian government need to reform and restructure the way it treating its terrorist local and foreign ones, unleashing dreadful terrorist as Bokoharam and bandits.

Negotiation is totally irrational and it is also a threat to national security it self how can a responsible government with good security personnel to a group of some miscreants to threatens its integrity.

It is also important for the Federal Government to revisit it’s decision on repentants and rehabilitated Bokoharam fighters, because releasing them will never be a possible solution to national security because debarring such them is skin to reinforcing their devilish act.

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Blood must have blood game strategy should be declared upon any imbecile who is aiming to destabilize peace in our dear country because this will be the one and only avenue toward ending this long bedeviling calamities and the government should henceforth not give listening ears to any perpetrator dirty game demand and unscrupulous players for things to be equally balanced and the game to be interesting by the duo meanwhile they should be receiving a papper torture treatment against their heinous actions which they enjoyed masterminding over a decade.

Finally our security personal must always be vigilant and alerted be it in the metropolis or in the jungle because all those places are considered to be a battle field to the insane gang thereby the Nigerian army should ferociously tackle and redress the predicaments bedeviling the country.

We have goofed in the past but this time around we will clear our mischievous err Insha Allah.

May Allah help us achieve our dream of living in free violence society.

Abdulrahman Yunusa is a graduate of Political Science from Bauchi State University, Gadau an activist, poet and blogger writes from Bauchi. Can be reach

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