In the history of all societies in the world conflicts and disagreements features regularly in shaping the futures of the societies. Some conflicts are non-violent and usually resolved amicably and peacefully through dialogues that will produce consensus and mutually agreed terms of settlements.

Some conflicts by their nature are violent that will result in lost of lives, destruction of property, displacement of people from their homes and disruption of the relative peace and stability in parts or the entire areas affected.

In all conflicts periods media play a prominent roles in the promotions of peace or the escalation of violence through propaganda and public enlightenments in support of constituted authorities or aligned with those that are against the government.

The main objectives of journalism as a unique, discipline and respected profession is balanced objective reporting system where humanity first count more than any other interests personal, political, regional, religious or primordial interests.

However, when we look at our media outlets in Nigeria their highest priorities were geared towards the promotions of criminals, bandits and insurgents in their reporting systems to confused the general public on one hand and demoralized the security forces and undetermined the efforts of the government in the fight against crime and insecurities.

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These media campaigns will automatically boost the morales of the criminal because they’re enjoying media supports that always magnified and publicized setbacks, failures and lost of lives on the parts of the security forces and the general public and concealed the defeats, failures and setbacks on the parts of criminal and those fueling insecurities in Nigeria.

In addition to other efforts of government in restoring peace in areas affected by crime and insecurities, it is necessary for the government to response to the media war launched against it through negative media campaigns calculated and targeted against the government.

At this juncture, I am humbly drawing the attention of President Muhammadu Buhari and his media handlers to carefully give priorities to documentaries of General Muhammadu Buhari on NTA, private television stations, radio stations and printmedia who devoted substantial parts of their programs and time campaigning against GMB using all sorts of derogatory words and remarks against him before 2015 general elections.

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After the elections victory the same media now changes tactics of using crime and insecurities to embarked on another round of negative campaigns against the government by given criminal attacks, banditry, kidnapping and boko-haram insurgents major headlines in their news.

They went further ahead to invites analysts, experts and professionals who raised the fear of crime and insecurities in the minds of Nigerians to make them believed fight against crime and insecurities by Nigerian government and security forces is mission impossible.

The other time I draw the attention of Hon Minister of Information and the entire media team of President Muhammadu Buhari to take swift actions in analyzing the archives of our private television stations, radio stations, printmedia to assess and evaluate their reporting systems on the fight against crime and insecurities in Nigeria.

Certainly the findings will be shocking as the editors, reporters and commentators that reports and comments on crime and insecurities will be exposed who reacted to the setbacks on the part of security forces with excitement.

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It is most unfortunate the media reporting is taking a dangerous dimensions of subjective reporting systems to confused the government and the general public.

The objective of professional journalists is to use their professional skills of investigative journalism in boosting the morale of security forces in the fight against insecurities and build people’s confidence on the ability, commitment and determination of the government to overcome the security challenges. But what they are busy doing is that security forces are incapable to overcome the problems of crime and insecurities in Nigeria.

It is humanly and practically impossible to have a perfect security system that will guaranteed absolute crime free society, but operational reviews are necessary to assess achievements and challenges in facing crime and insecurities in futures.

Ado Umar Lalu

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