Nomination of Nuruddeen Abdulhameed as Commissioner: Setting example for the youths – Baban Takko

Nowadays, the major factor for consideration to grab a political appointment does not solely depends on what you have.


Evidently, competency is an artificially acquired quality without a price tag attached on it . And it usually comes as a result of the gradual collection of integrity, hard-work, determination and dedication.

It is also a precious treasure so obvious that people can perceive, benefit and appreciate it from very faraway distance even without physically knowing its possessor.

Nowadays , the major factor for consideration to grab a political appointment does not solely depends on what you have. Rather, what matters the most is what and how you can impact efficaciously different from others. Almost every blessing day, teaming youths on social media platforms are relentlessly advocating for youths inclusiveness in governance virtually at all levels.

Bauchi State is not an exemption, although ours seems to be primarily base on sentimental if not sectional motives for personal short-term gain.

Frankly, I am not in anyway surprised by the reason why my fellow youths who usually prefer to be active on social media platforms often more than necessary decided not to celebrate or at least extend their good-will messages, useful pieces of advice on the recent nomination of Geologist. Nuruddeen Abdulhameed from Bauchi Local Government of Bauchi State as Commissioner and member of the State Executive Council by the Executive Governor of Bauchi State, His Excellency, Sen. Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir CON (Kauran Bauchi).

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Historically, the present Baraden Bauchi, Alh. Umaru Dahiru was the first to be favoured at his early 20’s during the late Abubakar Tatari Ali’s led administration in 1979 of blessed memories. Now, the Kauran Bauchi who is gradually proving critics wrong has done it wonderfully again to a certified bachelor at his early 30’s, but he is so resourceful, composed, down-to-earth and religious to be ignored.

Interestingly, apart from his Cirriculum Vitae and track record of excellence so far as a lecturer at the Department of Geological Technology, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi (ATAP), the nominee does not belongs to anybody except the Almighty God, not a son of somebody so also not under the God-fatherism of everybody.

Hence, I wholeheartedly pray that the incoming commissioner may not entertain the obnoxious systems of show-off which are currently trending on social media platforms often in a way and manner that irritates humanity.

Giving out little token to social media activists who have already thrown in the towel of making it in life can cause immeasurable damages in multiples than benefits to our society.

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Unarguably, this particular nomination should serve as a wake-up call and time for reflection to my fellow youths anywhere especially in Bauchi State. Most importantly, they should now believe that giving adequate priority on productivity to the society pays better than ranting which adds no meaningful value to real life except creating odious hullabaloo, unwanted enemies and evitable accumulation of sins within and outside the social media world.

As I sincerely applaud my governor for giving us such golden opportunity, I will equally advice the incoming commissioner to immediately start strategising on how to confront the gargatuan tasks awaiting him so as to vindicate the youths from further marginalisation and make us feel elated as all eyes of hope will now be on him.

Soon many jobless youths will start trooping and tracking his whereabouts, instead of squadering public funds to purchase smartphones, motorcycles e.t.c, all that we’re expecting from him is to kindly explore with them to see the vast land full of abandoned yet untapped natural resources of our darling state.

Definitely, I strongly believe that it may be a good lesson for them to ponder and justify the major reason that qualifies you to become what exactly who you are now even without the help of any social media platform, and probably why they are still lagging behind not even closer to somewhere they have been dreaming to be despite relying wholly on somebody whom also was once nobody or social media hyping.

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Pitifully, majority of their God-fathers do not have much time to waste on any of the social media platforms.

Elsewhere, together with their children, they are busy doing the needful to make life better for their families through managing bulky and multiple businesses. And unfortunately, with all these bad habits of ours, we are still expecting our leaders to be akin to saints; God-fearing, just and fair to us?!

God willing, he willl equally make the difference excellently, intellectually overshadows his senior colleagues and all together under the sterling leadership style of His Excellency, the Kauran Bauchi; the people’s oriented administration indeed, Bauchi State shall continue to be blossoming rapidly. May it be so.

Idan mu ka ki gyarawa, tabbas duniya za ta ci gaba da gyara mu!

Zaharaddeen Baban Takko writes from Bauchi

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