When crimes and insecurity are swallowing down the population in thousands, when poverty is promoted by the recklessness of the few ruling elites and it is looming over the masses, when government policies are not made to the positivity of the populace, one’s is relentless to be asking himself this scourging question: ‘Shall I give up on this nation?’ .It surges heart with every beat and frequently urges the soul to swim down in the ocean of despair. This question, as much as you despised its genesis, is a consequence of bitter disillusionment and a disappointing regret.

The problem of Nigeria has always been a leadership deficit. Our general ill as a nation could not be disassociated with the deranged values and poor policies imposed by those who has been saddled with the responsibility to diagnose and prescribe drugs for our ills.

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Unfortunately, the current Doctor, too, has been infected by the ills he has come to cure because, as it stands today, the virus of corruption is still thriving uncontrollably, the impediment of nepotism is surging untamed and horrible bloodsheds of innocent lives continue unstoppable.

Our dream after the coming of this Doctor is that the nation will now be a place where citizens will begin to respect each other for who they are not what they have; where there is a sound health care system; where transparency and accountability is relatively presence in public sectors ; where a quality education is affordable and a right of every citizen ; where corruption in government is unacceptable and treated as a scourge on the people; where there’s no sense of alienation and tribalism; and where ‘opportunity is based on meritocracy, not privileged connections’.

So much had been expected of this Doctor. Reservoir of hopes had been placed in him and many people were made to believe that the Doctor possesses a rare potential to change the condition of our sick nation.

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Nigerians generally believed that the good Doctor would open up doors for their dreams of a better life. With his antecedents as a competent honest Doctor, coupled with grandiose promises he made, many Nigerians were boombozled to have faith in him as the only man that can cure the nation. Nevertheless, in all cases, those dreams have turned out to be unattainable in the nearby future as the realities of his stewardship have since shattered them in the bliss of unending excuses, self-perpetuation and sheer incompetency.

Naturally, the Doctor’s failure to cure Nigeria of its basic ailments weakened the spirit of hope I have for the nation. However, it is possible to restore this hope, albeit not easy, and as a nation we have learnt a lot. Although we will not cast away the role of experience, integrity and honesty in good governance, we should also know that they are not sufficient. Ability to match good character and sound education into decorous application is an aged trait of leadership.

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As you are about to drown yourself into the ocean of despair, just remember that out of expectations, God blessed Borno State with Governor Zulum. Let’s keep pushing to shop for leaders on the spirit of patriotism. Let’s honesty, wide experience and pragmatic public service skills continue to be our guide in electing leaders. God is watching. He will, one day, bless us with one.

Aminu Nuru writes from Bauchi.

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