Committee Nullifies Yunusa’s election as ‘ Suitor-elect’ for Khadija, orders fresh polls


Giade Elders Committee has nullified the election of Yunusa as the “Suitor elect” to marry Khadija. The judgement which was delivered on Saturday 15th February,2020 at 10:15am nullified the election of suitor-elect, Mr. Yunusa and orders new election to be conducted in seven days.

Recall that that Khadeeja fell in love with both Mr Yunusa and Ibrahim which led to conduction of election that will decide who will marry Khadija and Yunusa came out victorious.

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The petition ruled upon by the Giade Elders Committee was filed by Yunusa’s opponent Mr Ibrahim who had alleged that the election that brought Mr Yunusa as a candidate that will marry Khadeeja was marred by irregularities.

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Ibrahim who described the election as “Time premature election” states that the election was conducted when most of his supporters are in office, and most of his supporters are public servants.

The Chairman of the Giade Alhaji Musa, nullifies the election stressing that the election was not inline with the constitution of federal republic of Nigeria that stated that elections in all part of the country must hold on Saturday therefore the election is hereby nullified.

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He ordered a fresh election to take place next saturday 22nd February, 2020 in Giade Town Bauchi state.

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