Interview: ‘Farouk Mustapha An exceptional politician with examplary leadership qualities’


Misbahu Ibrahim Gwasamai is an Aide and close political ally of Hon Farouk Mustapha, Senatorial Candidate of Bauchi North under the platform of New Nigeria People Party, NNPP had an appointment interview with our correspondent in Azare the headquarters of Katagum Local Government.

Arewa Affairs: Good day Mr Musbahu Ibrahim Gwasamai, how is your work and normal daily routines?

Misbahu: Good day to you also, thank you for having me at this great, it is an honor to have a conversation with you.

Arewa Affairs: What inspired you to work with Hon Farouk Mustapha ?

Misbahu: Interesting, your question is right, actually the zeal and determination of the honourable inspired me to work with him, I am not regretting that. In fact Since I started working for him, there are so many things that he has done for the development of our senatorial district and the state in general.

Arewa Affairs: As a politician or aspiring politician can you recall his campaign style and pattern when he is aspiring for senatorial seat of Bauchi North?

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Misbahu: Wonderful impact history will never forget his dogdness made during campaign, it can be described as hard times, from house to house, nooks and crannies of Bauchi North, we have witnessed massive turn out during the electoral process despite emerging from a minute party, and was victorious, but withheld by these so called power seekers.

Arewa Affairs: What did you mean by so called power seekers?

Misbahu: What I mean those that are looking for power by all means, and have done nothing to show on ground despite the positions they held in the past in which our own has done many things worth praising and accolades.

Arewa Affairs: You said he has improved the standard of living of his people from all angles, in any way he can, even without any elected office, but you failed to tell specifically what he has done?

Misbahu : He secured 13 appointment to graduates indigents of Bauchi North Senatorial District from different Federal Ministries, Department and Agencies, which I strongly believe that they will make an impact to their immediate families, state and the country in general.

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Arewa Affairs: Many politicians in the state and across the federation have made a meaningful impact on the life students, what role does Farouk Mustapha played ?

Misbahu: Well he paid UTME fees for 100 indigent students of Bauchi North Senatorial District under the Farouk Mustapha Education Foundation and our people are happy and proud of that and are indebted to repay you all the time.

Arewa Affairs: Recently, it comes to our notice that members of All Progressive Congress, APC Bauchi State Chapter have called on Hon Farouk Mustapha to join the party, so have you make any decision on that ?

Mishabu : We are indeed grateful for that call, considering that it is timely. We haven’t made any decision on that, you know every politician cannot make decamp to any political party without consulting his supporters.. indeed we are still consulting.

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Arewa Affairs: So now People Democratic Party, PDP is ruling in the state, you know that Governor Bala Muhammad Abdukadir is steering the affairs of Bauchi, many have accused other politicians opposition parties have played a vital role on the emergence of Kaura, including the Farouk Mustapha… what is your stand on it?

Mishabu: You have to know that Farouk Mustapha has worked with incumbent governor when he worked together with him in so many aspects. On the campaign issue of the governor the key role he played in Katagum Zone culminated to the successful outings despite huge support APC have enjoyed, but yet members of NNPP were not recognized for any appointment by Bala Abdukadir led administration, in view of that we are pleading with him to consider the supporters and loyalist of Farouk.

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