Bauchi Governor’s Visit to State University and Other Issues – By Umar Sani Yakubu

Unfortunately, with all the achievements recorded so far on high standard of learning and rich learning materials, the issue of hostel accommodation has since been the disturbing issue bedeviling the university.


Bauchi State University, established and located in Itas/Gadau Local Government of the state, has since been the confidence of the people of the state for being the highest academic factory owned by the state. In addition to that, it is the university which admits the highest number of the state’s citizens worldwide.

However, the university, since its establishment in 201, has recorded so many achievements with Professor Ezzedeen Abdulrahman as its first Vice-Chancellor.

Prof. Abdulrahman has achieved a lot ranging from academic to administrative functions. He has made a great a great effort in bringing exceptional lecturers, and has gotten many departments accredited by the National University Commission (NUC).

On his departure, on 2017 Dr. Musa Mu’azu Badara was appointed to preside over the affairs of the university as an acting Vice Chancellor for certain months before handing over to Professor Auwalu Uba as the second conventional Vice-Chancellor of the university.

Needless to say, Prof. Uba is a charismatic administrator with a good knowledge and experiences both in the academic and administrative affairs. He has actualised the university standard in all ramifications.

His viewed records on achievement is based on his philosophical and productive ways of management in which he straighten the administrative aspects and standardised the academic affairs.

In his reign, he also got many NUC accreditation and introduced other departments such as, Pharmacy, Computer Science, Library Science to mention but a few. He has also straightened out other things such as the university calendar, the university online portal; he built kitchens in all students’ hostels, and provided compact buses and lots more.

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Unfortunately, with all the achievements recorded so far on high standard of learning and rich learning materials, the issue of hostel accommodation has since been the disturbing issue bedeviling the university.

This is because no block of building was added in the name of a hostel to the already existing four built by the then government of Mal. Dr. Isah Yuguda after the establishment of the university in 2011. These hostels can not even accommodate two thousand students.

Sadly, as the university keeps growing, adding to the number of students admitted every year, no additional hostel was made to accommodate a large number of students. When Professor Auwalu Uba assumed office in 2018, he tried the move by converting one of the school building to form additional hostel. Thanks to him as the little number accommodate there have help a bit.

Moreover, this years’ getting accommodation has become tougher than previous years. As such, with the video in circulation on the hostel bidding process in the university one can testify the catastrophe.

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Note also that, even the video in circulation can only show the faces of 100 and 400 levels students as decided by the management to be the only sets considered in the hostel allocation. Thus, who knows what the remaining 200 and 300 level students were facing outside campus with their heartless landlords.

Consequently, owing to the conditions and local situation of the host land, many heartless landlords have set to reach their dream through their property by seizing the opportunity to enrich themselves, forgetting the poor background which gave birth to these helpless students.

Although, the university management has tried its best in seeing this problem has come to an end, but their efforts seem limited, or it could even be because no government’s support has been employed.

As such, with the conditions on ground, it has become seemingly obvious for one to call the host land as pro-Almajiri settlement. This is because, it has become the most disturbing issue for the students to find a place to live both within and outside the campus.

And also, the way the students fight and punched on each other in the queue just struggling for how to survive a bed space in the hostel not even up to a half of their number, the Almajiri’s can be said to be more comfortable than them, because they know where to spend their night each passing day. Thus, the students of Bauchi State University, Gadau need not only our sympathy but action.

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At this juncture, as we welcome the governor for his second visit to the university, we also call upon him to please have a sympathetic glance at our poor looking faces students and build more hostels for the university.

And I also call on our businessmen who may wish to negotiate with the university management to build hostels and get his/her profit out of it for certain years based on their negotiations to do that please. In addition, we hope the next TEDFUND intervention to the school should be building of hostels.

Finally, pending to any response I will also call on the university management which has been trying it’s best to make more conducive learning atmosphere, to please copy from their contemporaries and convert the hostel bidding process to online, as this will ease for students spending their night in the queue and even lose the opportunity.

Umar Sani Yakubu writes from Bauchi.

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