Misunderstanding Feminism – By Sulaiman Ayuba

It has became one of the dubious phenomenon that beg for assessment in both local and international levels.


It has become a global issue that most of the educated women claimed to be an advocators of feminist ideology.

This has drawn my attention after I listened to a media chat of a renowned Nigerian feminist figure living in diaspora. In her interview with france 24, Chimananda Ngozi Adichi stated that “l think is good to train a female child to be feminist.” Whence, this statement was uttered by Adichi, and from all indications Adichi viewed feminism as a serious ideology because she even wrote a book tittle “Djewale”.

However, after a serious discovery, I came to realise that feminism is an ideology embraces by some girls, women or female gender in general as a result of attaining western education and it’s cultural assimilation.

It has became one of the dubious phenomenon that beg for assessment in both local and international levels. Hence, feminism has become globalized and localised within women spheres.

At international level, people like Adiche has claimed to be feminist because her marriage was destroyed. It was after she got divorced that she came up with a passion for such ideology.

Therefore, if Adichi is to be seen as role model; does that mean our girls should be getting married and later on seek for divorce and turn to feminist? I think if such happens, is like we are threatening our life with fake ideology that we misunderstood.

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In America, most of the advocators of feminism are married women. Clinton for example published a book with a tittle ” what happened ” just because she was called as a ‘wife’ by a media interviewer during her 2015 – 2016 media campaign.

The book explained her bad feelings of being called a wife, to her they downgraded her status as a presidential candidate. But, in reality the book was just written to brainwash some people.

This is because, if really Clinton want to show how feminist she is, she should have destroyed her marriage also. Yet, feminism to her is just a word not an action.

In addition, there was an assumption called Ecological Femisnism, this assuption attempt to prove that everything ecological is female gender-based. For example, trees are female gender, and they said that’s why some of it’s leafs are cut to make livestick, perfumes and the likes.

To them, if really her leafs and roots (the tree) are used to make gender-based products, then it should be seen as female in gender.

Well, at the local level particularly Nigeria, feminism has become a concept that has eaten deep into the hearts of some educated Nigerian ladies, but one funny thing is that they fails to understand the real meaning of the concept.

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It has come to my attention that every Nigerian woman that studied abroad or here in Nigeria, without her acting as feminist, people will categorise her as feminist. Here, our young women see feminism as just a young graduate who can speak in the public, respond to interviews, posts and comments on social media, wearing eye glasses, walking on street majestically without fear of her parents/relatives, and old age in their community.

In Northern Nigeria specifically, I see feminsm from the literary work of Prof. Zaynab Alkali, people see her as feminist, but being her a feminist or not has make me realises that as a woman born in the north can’t clearly explain the real life situation in the North. For example, in her contradictry novel ‘Stillborn’, Alkali fails to explain the clear picture of marital life, marital ambition in the north. Her book fails to explain the clear culture of northern school system. In fact, she start her novel with a school girl coming back from boarding school for holiday, and ended of discribing the major character, Li as someone who wasn’t opportune to go to school.

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In this case, giving much attention to Li, as the main character make the readers to see her as feminist, but in reality, Alkali fails to potray the clear picture of feminism in Northern Nigeria in her book.

Again, another feminist figure in northern Nigeria who was the daughter to a well-known Professor in the North quit feminism for sometimes, get married and after given birth, she dicided and dumped the husband and continue with her feminist ideology. You see, the clear picture of feminism is not well understood to this lady.

In Europe, so many people are feminists, but they do have children. But in the case of Nigeria, some deceives themselves that feminist has no right to get married.

Some of our university graduates in the north claimed to be feminists because they read few books on western culture. And be coming to media to challenge the devine order. I see it as gormless, balderdash of highest level.

In conclussion, let’s understand feminism before we think of being one.

Sulaiman Ayuba writes from India, can be reached via splato379@gmail.com

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