The Philosophy in Sunusi and the Ignorance of our People – By Umar Sani Yakubu

Consequently, despite all criticism that use to come to his appreciation of happenings, he never care to keep his mouth shut and mind his business


As one of my school lecturer and mentor will always say “the problem with being a scholar is the philosopher in you will force you to say something even when you never mean to or even if you know rather well that your audience will not get you right”.

But this seems to happens to everyone not only scholars as it is in line with Maya Angelou’s assertion that “there is no a greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Subsequently, the Emir of Kano suffered this as he will never win the contention in him which force him to speak.

Consequently, despite all criticism that use to come to his appreciation of happenings, he never care to keep his mouth shut and mind his business. As such, one more influence is that, his position as the emir also double to make him pay for his depth.

However, his position also contributes a lot to the large attack he get whenever he comments on something. This is to say, all the aforementioned personalities an the Emir may have in him will never pause his accusers to take time and delve investigation in to his scholarly contributions.

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Meanwhile, it pains me a lot when I observed Nigerian are not even appreciating one’s assertion in the right direction.

Muhammadu Sunusi asserted that “polygamy is the key to poverty in the northern part of the country.” And insight of we looking vividly to his assertion we start accusing and calling him all sort of unpleasant names.

To me, that is his view, and for justice to rain I call on us all to pay an obedient mind and behold this reason of his “There are people who cannot afford to feed one wife but are ready to marry three wives and have more children than they can feed, talk less of paying for their school fees”.

My question here is this, are you trying to say these people, he mentioned do not exist? is it his falseness of the believe of our ‘yan Arewa for the Lord God to take care of the family for them even when they know well that they are causing problems which they cannot deal with a part of or are we saying we just disagreed with the opinion that we Yan Arewa cause our poverty through polygamy?

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Sunusi is obviously right, that our people call for additional wives even when they know they can’t afford for. This people are all over the north claiming the God umbrella to shower them.

I know a fellow who have two rooms apartment where he live with his wife and children but set for additional wife. When he got the additional wife and the house is not enough to occupy them all. The children will be in their father’s house from morning to night and when it is about 10 pm they will go to their grandparents house to spend the night.

He never mind these female children walking the night for certain kilometers. Then they will sleep and make their way back home the next morning.

Who knows what will happen to them by the road. Did they even walk straight to the house or branch to have some fun on their way? God forbid!

Moreover, we never care to shelter our family as well. Thus, the accessibility of our children knowledge never mind us as we keep sending them to the oldern “Almajiri” school claiming they will learn more better out there. Helplessly, they walk from this street to the other in this sinful world, were some people even addressed them as terrorists.

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Futhermore, in some cases, some parents will send their children to school but expecting them to pay all the required fees for themselves. The children knowledge, was and will never be their concern as they keep investing to add more wives.

And with all these mention above, yet my good fellow in our region will counter that polygamy is not enough to serve as a key to poverty in Arewa. I am not saying polygamy does or rather Sunusi says it, but 80% percent of the people perception of polygamy in north did.

And the most touching part is our people will never admit their wrong doing and try to correct it as they will keep arguing and try to fight back with the little or no point they have.

May God have mercy on us all.

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