Progressive Victory of Contemporary Philosopher King – By Shamsudeen Muhammad

We are the benchmark for good governance, a litmus paper of northern politicking and icons of democracy.


The 6-0 decisive, progressive and landslide victory of Sen. Bala Mohammed against Mohammed Abubakar Esq has indeed epitomized him to be the contemporary philosopher king. The question of how did he won the election against the incumbent governor is a long story that I do not wish to dwell in piece. Thus, I would like to begin with the comparative analogy.

The theory of the philosopher king as originally proposed by a Greek philosopher, Plato in his dialogue, Republic, envisions that until political power and philosophy entirely coincide, states will have no rest from evils.

According to Plato, the key to the notion of the philosopher king is that the philosopher is the only person who can be trusted to rule well.

This is because philosophers are both morally and intellectually apt to rule, morally because it is in their nature to love truth and learning so much that they are free from the greed and lust that tempts others to abuse power, and intellectually because they alone can gain full knowledge of reality, which culminate in knowledge of forms of virtue, beauty and above all the good. Even though the original theory by Plato merely existed in utopia, the idea remain influential even in the contemporary political spectrum.

In Bauchi State, Northeastern Part of Nigeria, a philosopher king was born with the arrival of His Excellency, Sen. Bala Mohammed on the political landscape of the state, having been duly elected as Executive Governor during the March 9th, 2019 Governorship election. Within the framework of democratic polity of His Excellency, Sen. Bala Mohammed, political power and philosophy are not only coincided but a way of life.

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Indeed, Kauran Bauchi is a contemporary philosopher king, judging from his leadership style demonstrated by his strong moral rectitude and manifest intelligence. While possessing sound academic knowledge, having obtained BA Degree in English Language from University of Maiduguri.

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He is a pundit journalist, a professional public servant, altruistic philanthropist, a rare patriotic, a former Senator and former Minister and astute politician. Sen. Bala Mohammed equally possessed sound knowledge of both religion and Western Education. Most significantly, his life style symbolizes simplicity, humility and exemplary leadership.

Sen. Bala Mohammed leads by showing his followers the way, he is not a boss who simply give directives but he throws himself into the mix as he leads by example, demonstrating piety, sacrifice, transparency, accountability and sincerity of purpose. Certainly, barely seven months into his administration, it’s evidently glaring that a philosopher king is in charge and that Bauchi State is poised for greatness, bereft of entrenched negative tendencies that lead men to thread the path of primitive accumulation, lust for power and mammon. Kauran Bauchi is down to earth and zenith personality.

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A man of truth and fidelity. His ultimate victory is a victory of Bauchi State. We are the benchmark for good governance, a litmus paper of northern politicking and icons of democracy. Let’s put our hands on deck and take Bauchi State to the New Level of Development.

As our amiable Governor re-strategized the affairs of state sequel to his magnanimous victory at Supreme Court, it’s our collective prayer that the Almighty Allah will continue to bless, protect and guide him along the path of truth, justice and fairness.

May He grant him courage, wisdom, foresight, determination and the wherewithal to take Bauchi State to the greater height.

Shamsudeen Muhammad an Undergraduate Student of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University
Contact: 07056220944

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