NPA Street Calaba: The slaughter of Northerners – By Ado Umar Lalu

Hausa community are now living in perpetual fear moving around NPA Street and it's surrounding environ as a result of attacks from the indigenes miscreants...


Our brothers are dying in silence with no one to come to their rescue simply because they are northerners conducting their lawful businesses.

Hausa community are now living in perpetual fear moving around NPA Street and it’s surrounding environ as a result of attacks from the indigenes miscreants. These attacks are gradually consuming the lives of our brothers.

The recent victim is Abdulhamid Garba, a trailer driver with vehicle registration No. NFD 675 XA from Funakaye Local Government Area of Gombe State. This young promising driver arrived at Calaba on the 25th day of January, 2020 safely to mets his death at the hands of heartless and wicked killers without committing any offence but simply he is Muslim from the North and nothing. He is hardworking, dedicated and ever smiling young man that always greet and respect people around both the young and elders.

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The killing of late Abdulhamid Garba throws Hausa Community into confusion and phobias as the fourth occurrence of similar cold blooded murder and the security forces are not doing anything to come to their rescue before the escalation of these silent killings, that will further endangers their lives and put them at higher risks of victimization at the hands of the miscreants.

As usual, like other previous incidences, the noisy press and fake human right activists were caught in conspiracy of silence, because the victim was from the North and do not deserved sympathy, attentions and condemnation of these murderous instincts of NPA Street miscreants who are all out for systematic eliminations of northerners.

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These killings exposed the weaknesses of our leaders who are afraid to come out boldly to condemn such actions and demand for justice due to excessive fears of southern press, ethnic, regional and religious associations that will call them all sorts of names.

As a former trailer motorboy and still associates with my colleagues that are trailer drivers from the south, I have never witnessed a single instance where anyone among them was subjected to similar treatments in any state of the North.

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However, as for trucks drivers from the North everywhere they go in the South they must bear and face series of harassments, intimidations, threats, multiple taxes and illegal extortions from both the security forces and the miscreants because they have no one to protect them.

I am appealing to all concerned authorities and stakeholders to riseup and demand for justice and immediate stoppage of these barbaric killings. The world is watching and we are watching you.

Ado Umar Lalu


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