Emir Muhammad Sunusi II of Kano is only opposing a polygamous idea of those who cannot afford to maintain more wives. I don’t know where in his statement, the radical Emir, condemns polygamy in its entirety!

He only says marrying more wives who cannot be properly maintained by one’s income is somehow connected to the existence or exacerbation of poverty in Northern Nigeria.

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And for me, whether it causes poverty or not, it has to stop and be condemned! Because we all know the repercussions of such practice.

And if we are to tell ourselves the bitter TRUTH, that is precisely the practice in Northern Nigerian.

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You find a guy whose reliable source of income cannot adequately and properly support and maintain JUST a single wife with three children marrying two or three wives and all of them competing in child production.

If we are to develop speedily, we really need to maintain the family size our incomes can support. Giving birth to children one cannot educate, clothe, feed and sheltered properly isn’t only economically unwise but religiously wrong, too.

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Baba Alhaji writes from Bauchi ..

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