Poem: Ballad of a Legendary Historian – By Jamilu Mukhtar

A remarkable journey to a successful career. You don't pretend, and they wanted to become a barrier...


Poem (titled Ballad of a Legendary Historian) in respect of Prof. Yakubu Mukhtar’s end of tenure as VC, Yobe State University (YSU).

Prof. Yakubu Mukhtar

Your history is a history of unshakable faith.
Thus, this ending is a welcome fate.

Your history is that of a giant lion.
We bear witness, you are always the champion.

In academia, administration and with kith and kins.
Unlike those lions in sheep’s skins.

In your journey, you fought multiple battles.
You overcome them little by little.

A remarkable journey to a successful career.
You don’t pretend, and they wanted to become a barrier.

In Unimaid, Abuja and recently YSU.
YSU is missing thee, not you missing YSU.

Accomplish the tenure with grace.
Dead or alive, your performance is worthy of praise.

There is no fear of impending battle with EFCC
You led accountably, everyone can see.

After the tenure, live that life of contentment.
We wish you more and more development.

In your next life meet the Lord with clean hands.
And enjoy the Paradise Island and other lands.


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Jamilu Ibrahim Mukhtar

✍ Jamilu Ibrahim Mukhtar

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