Nigeria: Social Restructuring, first- By Habibu Korede Jimoh

The focus of this peace is on how Nigeria will learn to appreciate each others cultural and religious values - which will help in the reintegration of Nigerians.


Social restructuring is a transition that will powerfully change the ways we live, work, govern, and even the ways we think. Social restructuring of Nigeria should be undertaken to a range of factors, frequently interrelated such as ethnical conflicts, religious conflict, boundary conflict etc.

This piece is determined to look at how social interactaction in the country can be enhanced homogeneously.

Appropriate strategies, policies, instruments and mutual-cooperation can reverse the negative impact of the declining social interaction of Nigerians. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that social restructuring process are anticipated, planned and managed early carefully, with the involvement of national stakeholders, traditional and religious leaders both at the regional and local level.

The focus of this peace is on how Nigeria will learn to appreciate each others cultural and religious values – which will help in the reintegration of Nigerians.

Social restructuring can pave the way to new perspective with which we view ourselves and will enrich the bond between Nigerians. A dynamic and responsive approach to the social restructuring in Nigeria is needed.

I hope the analysis below will stimulate reflection, introspection, research and commitment to address the major challenges facing Nigeria and a socially responsible restructuring; which will undoubtedly reintegrate the citizens.

Blueprint for Social Restructuring in Nigeria.

1) Civic Education in all Primary and Secondary Schools.
Pupils should be thought the importance of unity and peace at grassroot level. If a unity mindset is impacted upon the pupil at an early stage, it will contribute a lot to the peaceful co-existence at a later stage.

2) Re-Establishment and the Establishment of Unity Schools (Institutions) in the country:
The federal government should reconsider the re-establishment of unity schools; which is aimed to promote peace and unity in the country by accommodating citizens from any part of the country “base on merit”. The successful establishment of unity schools in the country will help Nigerians to understand and appreciate our ethnic, cultural and religious difference.

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3) Nigerian Youth Service Corp (NYSC), Peace and Unity Enhancer:The National Youth Service Corps is an applaudable scheme that is aimed to unify the youths and expose the youths to others culture and tradition. It has served as a means for the orientation and integration of graduates across the nation. This national youths service corps scheme has indeed contributed immensely to national unity and economic development.

4) Massive Enlightenment: For peace and unity to be maintained, in Nigeria, massive enlightenment must ensue both at the local and region level. The federal government and NGO should step in to enlighten the general public about unity and peaceful coexistence which can be enhanced effectively through media channels.

5) Transport and Trading Activities: Road networks, railway lines, bridges, opening of market should be strategise in a way that will encourage and improve national integration.

6) Employment and Labour Mobility: Workers from different ethnic or cultural groups should be employed and transferred to work anywhere in the country without any threat of whatsoever.

7) National Integration: The citizens of Nigeria should be given a common identity as a Nigerian irrespective of castes, religion and rehion. There should be an enlightenment that despite our differences, we all originated from the same source which has made us one confined in Nigeria. This kind of integration is indeed important in the building of a unified country.

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8) Nepotism and Sentiments Must be Stopped.

Nepotism and Sentiments are factors contibuting to disunity of Nigerians. People should be honoured base on their abilities; also, tribal feuds should stop, above all, favouritism should be tackled for the emergence of an everlasting unity.

9) Youth Empowerment and Integration.

It is crystal clear that youth’s are the back-bone of a nation. With proper empowerment and integration – youths can make a nation and can as well destroy it in the absence of it. Youths integration is a concept of national unity; tolerance amongst the youths will surely enhance unity in the country.

10) Enforcement of “Chapter VI part2 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

The decree of chapter 6, part 2, of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria has given the citizens of Nigeria the right to contest for governorship election in any state within the country.

We need to consider for the actualization of this part of the constitution; for it will also give every citizen the sense of belonging, as one Nigeria. Cause I see no reason why the west will prefer a scorching governance under a Babalola over a progressive governance under a Chukwudi, just because the later is from the South. Vice-Versa.

Until we start seeing each other as one Nigeria, only then, we can ever be homogeneously united.

Other factors that will enhance a socially responsible restructuring in Nigeria are:

1) Planning a program of social support that is appropriate to the citizens of a particular domain.

2) Review the conditions that affect the effectiveness of the social interractions of Nigerians.

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3) Vocational socially responsible training should be organized in other to train the youths to develop knowledge and attitudes that which will help increase the social interaction of the citizens.

4) Citizens should be enlightened to understand the extent to which responsibility of national integration and progress of a country lies with the citizens.

5) There should be a complete freedom for the investigation of truth.

6) The federal government should facilitate a socially responsible order that promotes life, liberty, justice and equality to all.

7) Inter-Marriage should be encouraged.

8) Establish any wider possible tactics for the development of more socially responsible restructuring.

There should be a process for the social restructuring bill to be passed and acted upon. Success of the bill will contribute a lot to the social turnaround within the citizens of the country.

Conclusively, Nigerian resource and political restructuring without social restructuring is tantamount to giving the IPOB agitators and other unforseen agitators some time to regroup and strengthen up, to clamour for the actualization of their IPOB Country.

Social restructuring should be ahead of either Political or Resource restructuring.

No doubt, if we neglect social restructuring, what we are preventing will surely erupt in the nearest future. However, the political and resource restructuring does not exist in a vacuum, they are only two element that should be subject to social restructuring.

Note : This opinion was first published on October 1st 2017 in Arewa Affairs and can be read via

Habib Korede Jimoh writes from Bauchi

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