Seriously I’m surprise with how people are opposing the establishment of ‘Operation Amotekum’ – particularly thise from the North, like what do we mean? We want them to siddon look until the recklessness of the Authorities responsible for security – consume them just like it consume us in the North? Or like we don’t know what the country is turning into?

Idlib is today the most tense region in the world but I don’t think the average daily killings in that Syrian Region is higher than the one in Nigeria today, Northern Nigeria is completely insecure – I mean completely.

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While the Northern first class Emir of Potiskum was attack recently of which the attacked left him hospitalized, over 30 people killed and with over a hundred kidnapped, – the only accessible road linking Maiduguri, Borno – Damaturu, Yobe was shut down also by Boko Haram for hours, and they successfully conducted an operation in a place called Auno which is less than 10km to Maiduguri, yet there’s no report of the damage and casualties.

The major problem we have in Northern Nigeria or Nigeria as a whole is our hypocrisy toward unfolding events and the silence of elitist in the region prove it.

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A friend working with a Bank in Katsina was telling me recently on the day he resumes work in their branch he find out that a Man came to withdraw N3m cash to go and settle kidnappers, this is the state where the president came from, that people are insecure in his hometown is a clear indication of total insecurity.

The Governors of South West will be too daft to wait for this ongoing nonsense in the North to go and consume them, if there’s one thing as an effort to end the ongoing insecurity is the mobilization of local hunters like this ‘Operation Amotekum’, because it is obvious that we are insecure and the situation seems outrageous for the security agencies to handle alone.

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They should use whatever means needed to have a documented legality for this effort.

The earlier we copy this in the North the better for us.

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