Activist urges FG to stop dumping CSS Graduates

Its very dangerous to deprive criminologists jobs in the country because, for almost 5 years they were taught how to commits mostly of types and forms of crimes as well as ways of preventing and curbing those criminalities...


Comrade Musa Ali Maishanu Ex-Demsa/Numan/Lamurde PRP House of Representatives candidate Adamawa state and a certified criminologist has called on the Federal Government to avoid dumping of graduates of Criminology and Security studies.

He made this call while speaking to our correspondent in Yola Adamawa state.

The expert said ” Its very dangerous to deprive criminologists jobs in the country because, for almost 5 years they were taught how to commits mostly all types and forms of crimes as well as ways of preventing and curbing those criminality”.

Narrating the historical background of the course in some of the new Federal Universities established by the Federal Government Maishanu said ” Imagine a country that it rulers established 12 newly universities across the six geo-political zones and one of them is in Jigawa state named Federal University Dutse, FUD.

However, the institution was given the mandate to establish a department of criminology and security studies under the Faculty of Art and Social Sciences (FASS) to the extend that the programme was accredited by the national university commission (NUC) in 2015 academically.

Even though, there were many universities in the country that the institutions were established and accredited by the national universities commission to offer Bsc criminology and security studies”.

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He added that ”Unfortunately, the graduates of such programme (Bsc. Criminology and security studies) are however neglected by the government of our great country or they are ignored by the Nigerian security agencies. Federal University Dutse produced four sets of potential graduates but majority of them are put on hold or being placed on queue waiting for the recruitment.

Hence, one of the cardinal objectives of the past and present governments of this country was to provide a livable and safer Nigerian environment”.

Mai Shanu expressed dismay over the negligence of President Buhari administration on the matter.

” In other words, I can say that one of the campaign promises of President Buhari or APC lead administration was to provide an absolute state of security and safety to all Nigerians. But the graduates of Bsc. criminology and security studies are dumped by the government to the extend that the potential graduates are in queue desperately waiting for job. Even though, we have agencies like EFCC, ICPC, DSS, Military (land, air and navy), Police and all other sister organizations”.

He further said these sets of graduates were exposed to theories of crime and security stressing that ” majority of them are blocked by the government of our great country, simply because the governments of our great country are not ready to address the menaces of insecurity in the country or to do what is desirable.

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Because, if we will have a graduates of criminology and security studies from FUD, NOUN, BUK, but were deliberately dumped by the government of our great country.

Then, tell me, what are the reasons behind introducing the programme or the philosophy behind producing them? Or why the government of our great country refused to give them automatic employment in order to make their significant contributions while improving their skills yet further.

Because such would definitely help the government of our great country to accomplish and administer its campaign promises to the people of our great country on the area of war against corruption and criminals in the country”.

Criminology and Treats of Bribery and Corruption

Speaking on the between criminology studies and bribery and corruption the expert said ” As such, therefore wish draw the attention of our rulers that graduates of Bsc. criminology and security studies are currently in queue waiting for job. And the jobs opportunities were limited due to god-fatherism, and lack of merit in our staffing process and procedure.

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Criminologically speaking, the lack of professionals criminologist and security expert in the protection of lives and property of the citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria exposes itself to the currently criminological lacunas and security stupidities displayed by the federal government of Nigeria and its security practitioners in the name of fighting corruption or provision of security to the citizens.

If Nigerian security agencies will disgracefully partake in bribe taking or collection of gratifications from drivers and passengers in Nigeria’s highways while discharging their official responsibilities. Then, what would happen to us if our homes are not protected, our streets are not secured, our places of worship are not safeguarded, our citadel of learning and our places of businesses are not defended?”

”I am afraid because if care is not taken these graduates may register with the criminal industrial or they may finalize to establish a criminal enterprise where criminality can be learned.

I am appealing to the federal government and concern authority to do the needfull before its late” he further said.

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