One of the basis of accepting appointments in Nigeria is for journalists to report the presidential appointee as someone who has work for several years in a particular sector, even when the years are futile or inconsequential.

The misconstrued cacophony of some Nigerians after the appointment of Ahmad Salihijo as the MD/CEO of Rural Electrification Agency is not only laughable but a clear indication that some people don’t see anything good in decisions taken by the present administration, when people like Audu Ogbeh, Nanono or Rt. Gen Magashi were appointed as ministers the rhetoric were ‘we need young people to administer’, ‘we are tired of old folks’ and so many other claims on the cyberspace, and now a Young Man is appointed to administer the affairs of a federal Agency but people are taking it to the throat to castigate the entire appointment and the Appointee.

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This is a young man who started his career since the last 13 years as an Engineer and has gone extra mile to equip himself with two masters degrees in both Development studies and Project planning, this is someone who served as a technical assistant to the ‘almighty’ Amina J. Muhammad as Nigerian Minister of Environment – a woman who is presently the Deputy secretary General of the United Nations, while serving as her aide, he was at the helm of climate finance initiatives that include the development of the Green Bond by the ministry for reducing Green-House Gasses and promoting renewable energy in Nigeria, one of the most beautiful initiatives of Amina J. Muhammad as Environment Minister.

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I don’t want to talk about the inherited intelligence, focus and commitment of the brain behind Buhari’s PTF, the late father of the new MD/CEO REA – Salihijo Ahmad who was described as a workaholic and a major force behind the success of the Fund.

We must learn to understand that in running the affairs of Governance – empty years of working in designated sector without commitment is not as important as political commitment, exuberance and the zeal to make differences – and that is what the new MD/CEO of REA has portrayed in his previous engagements.

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What is needed of the new MD is the political commitment and the zeal to reposition REA, as he humbled himself he shall successfully shame the megalomaniacal set of critics who think his appointment is incoherent with his expertise.

While wishing him a successful tenure, i believe he will inevitably give the (redundant) agency a new national and global profile.

Abdullahi Auwal writes from Abuja can be reached

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