Falalu is a traitor: He betrays Balarabe Musa – By Maishanu

The so called Bello's criminal mind robbed many PRP aspirants huge amount of money, including a weaker sex called Dr. Helen Ndidi Amaka Godswill Solomon without allowing her to run and compete with her political rivals in the last election...


Malam Falalu Bello shall pay the price of betrayal, exploitation, domination, stealing, gambling and hijacking. The great comrades, marxists, nationalists, socialists, revolutionists, activists and radicalized nigerian youths of our great party (PRP), has been frustrated and thrown out of the PRP’s political scene and disappointed before 2019 general election by Falalu Bello and his blindfolded supporters.

In last general election, he sold our great party out to the party of hypocrites, traitors, capitalists, and oppressors against our great party’s principles and manifestos.

The so called Bello’s criminal mind robbed many PRP aspirants huge amount of money, including a weaker sex called Dr. Helen Ndidi Amaka Godswill Solomon without allowing her to run and compete with her political rivals in the last election. Given hypocrisy lamentable reason, imposing austerity, dominant ideology and supporting discrimination instead of halting it as it was promised, it result might have been far worse.

That it was not indicates less any continued faith in PRP and more the destruction of any hope for change that PRP’s years in world political scene brought about by her founding fathers; plus the absence of any viable alternative to it at the nigerian struggle and emancipation. The record level of absention, at 95 percent the highest since the creation and reinstation of PRP in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, PRP’s capitalistic ruler brazenly excuse his transpired action in PRP political scene saying:

“Today with our heads held high, i accept the socialist leadership. To return PRP to where it was before we had to take proactive measures at a heavy political cost.” If any leader should hold their head very low, it is Falalu.

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Before the 2019 general elections, he claimed he would led for the comrades, the socialist PRPISTS, the nationalists, the proletarian, the marxists, in power, he hijacked and ruled for the traitors, the hypocrites, the capitalists and the elites of the nigeria’s capitalist union now he has the gall to inaugurate and present the so-called three committees as sacrifice or efforts of his leadership’s interests for the goal of the Party, no.

Of course, for greater shame should fall on the three committees of the capitalist union and the criminals of nigeria, PDP and the APC in PRP’s political scene.

Today, those uncritically supported Falalu Bello up to the exploitation, domination, betrayal and hijacking in 2018-2019, and attacked anyone who dared to warn, to resist, to oppose, to remove or to criticise its capitalistic and realistic leadership, excuse it by saying nothing else was possible faced with the overwhelming power and inauguration of the three committees and presidency in particular.

But the clash with the nigerian youth solidarity for PRP (NYSP) and the united socialist PRPISTS was inevitable and it is simple not true that there was no alternative for the so-called Bello, or the three committees, oppressors.

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How PRP sold out: 55 years ago, Bello was the poster boy of the Nigeria’s capitalists and Nigeria’s hypocrites, after his manipulation and hijacking on 2019, when APC rigged the general election or buy million of votes.

That victory was the culmination of half the efforts of disenfranchisement against Dr. Helen’s candidature planned by presidency and carried out by Bello’s creditors via his criminal network, starting with hijacking before general elections in 2019 and continuing after in 2019. The pictures of the direct victim of Bello’s political discrimination can be highlighted below.

Dr. Helen Ndidi Amaka Godswill Solomon

In the words of Alh. Abdulkardir Balarabe Musa (former PRP national chairman), In this respect, it is important that we understand very clearly that these proposed amendment to the Party’s basic documents should not be equated with a revision of the party’s strategic objectives and fundamental principles. Our party remains stoutly committed to its principal, which is the socialist reconstruction of Nigeria. We should have no room for revisionism or revisionists in our great Party.

As I have already stated, the PRP remains committed to bringing about a proletarian-led, peaceful socialists revolution in Nigeria where the mass of the working people of this country control their economic, political and social destinies under the overall guidance and protection of a socialist democratic state.

In a nutshell, is the strategic mission of our party. Whatever decisions NEC takes on this matter, we must not betray the core principles and strategic mission that the funding fathers of the party set out fora mission that consists basically of championing the interests and aspirations of the mass of the working people of Nigeria in the struggle to forge a just, united, egalitarian and materially and socially advanced nation. That was their vision and mission then, it should continue to be our mission today as well as in the future. Any proposed amendments to our party’s documents no matter how fanciful or sophisticated which detract from or which encumbers this basic mission should be roundly rejected, and those propounding them advised to perch on other political nests.

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Protest against Falalu Bello

Unfortunately, in spite of all the warnings given by our great chairman board of trustees of the People’s Redemption Party. Still, the so-called Mal. Falalu Bello betrayed him in last general elections to the extend that the candidature of Dr. Helen Ndidi Amaka Gods will Solomon and other victims were traded off to the party of hypocrites, traitors, cowards capitalists, and imperialists. And now he is currently working on another opportunity to deceive us all. As such, I am appealing for his removal and punishment in line with the provision of PRP’s constitution

Comrade Bello and his criminal industry are capable of destroying our great Party.

Comrade Musa Ali Maishahu writes

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