Zulum strategy surpasses that of Buhari in the fight against insurgency – By Maishanu

His efforts gear toward addressing the menaces of insurgency and terrorism in the country should be applauded by the great people of the federal republic of Nigeria and world at large...


Insurgency and terrorism has become a major security challenges threatening the cooperate existence of the federal republic of Nigeria. The problem is more pronounced in the northern Part of the country which includes Borno, Yobe, Gombe, Taraba, Kano, Abuja, Bauchi, Adamawa and Kaduna state respectively. Insurgency and terrorism no doubt destabilizes the stage of security situation which have directly affects the routine activities and social co-existence of the areas and national border that linked neighbouring countries like Cameroon, Chad, and Niger. At the same time turning thousands as refugees, in the neighbouring countries.The peace which people of the areas enjoys is now affected by the killings, bombings, destructions, armed robbery, rape, and kidnapping. This situation affects international and regional peace and security in trade and investment, socio-cultural interminglings border relations and diplomacy. Generally, insecurity in the North-East region of Nigeria has affected the peace, harmony and security co-existence of people in the surrounding environments. According to Hussein (2015), a lot of people have lost their lives, many women have become widows and children have become orphans in the same direction. Radda (2003), asserts that the issue of crimes like insurgency and terrorism has been of concern to all societies at all times, all societies become concerned where there is no balance between normal and abnormal behavior. In other words, society become sick where the nature and extent of abnormality far exceed normality.

However, military aspect and military violent strategies were put in place by the past presidents and the present president of the federal republic of Nigeria with the views to end the problem. But the problem still persist, due to i don’t care attitudes of the federal government of Nigeria and its security troops or lack of sincerity from various security outfits in curbing the menaces of insurgency and terrorism especially in the north east.

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In view of the above. Therefore, the best strategy to be used in addressing the insurgency and terrorism in a country like Nigeria is currently adopted or been applied by the current governor of Borno state known as non-military aspects. But the strategy can effectively and sufficiently help in dealing with the subversion of the so-called Jihadists in his state only. Because if his peers from the other states of the region or from parts of the country deliberately refused to emulate from him or from what he is presently doing in Borno state. Definitely, the activities of these “holy-warriors” can swap from his respective state and spread all over or to a new areas. Meaning, their fruitless activities will end in Borno state and violently proliferates to other states of the country. Even though, it has happened in the past. Because their so-called events of bombings, destructions and killings started from Borno state to the neighbouring states and even the countries like cameroon, Chad and Niger were affected. Furthermore, it has been a tradition that criminologically insurgents and terrorists believed in “Hit and run tactics”. And the movement they realized that the so-called Borno State is not longer favourable or a conducive environment for them to carry out their baseless “holy war” against the individuals from poor background. Then, they would aggressively migrate to a new areas where they can continue with their so-called extremism.

Historically, there is no any country in the world or around the globe or within the universe that successfully fought the so-called reactionary insurgents and extremists with the method of military-aspect. Even though, there were many countries of the world that had succeeded in addressing the menace of insecurity like insurgency and terrorism in their various countries from its primary stages through the aspect of non-military. And that’s the strategy been adopted or been applied by the current governor of Borno state. Therefore, his efforts gear toward addressing the menaces of insurgency and terrorism in the country should be applauded by the great people of the federal republic of Nigeria and world at large. While the efforts of Mr. President and that of his security forces and peers such as former president Jonathan and late president Yar’adua should be condemned by insurgency and terrorism consultants. Because they have failed us all in the area of war against insecurity in the country. Although, we are in need of Borno state governor’s efforts at the movement in order to eliminate the insurgency and terrorism in the country and establish a new social order through out the federal republic of Nigeria. Consequently, if president Muhammadu Buhari and the governors of the federation can bend and humbly emulate from what the current governor of Borno state is doing at the movement; criminologically speaking, the money that our ring-rulers has been budgeting in the name of war against insecurity like insurgency, terrorism, banditry and herdsmen could be allocated to the issues such as war against artificial poverty, unemployment, and unfavourable living conditions that the citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria cannot address by themselves. Since the first law of human being is security and collective survival. Therefore, the government and its troops deployed to fight the so-called “holy-warriors” through the military-aspects should note that they can’t eradicate the insecurity such as insurgency and terrorism in the absent of human feelings, mandatory happiness and citizens’ satisfaction. In other words, with the presence of factors like social, political, economic, psychological, environmental and societal forces. Hence, there will be no solution to the problems of insecurity at hand.

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Conversely, if the president of the federal republic of Nigeria and his security forces can copy from what the executive governor of Borno state is doing, may prove to be more effective method of defeating the revolt than hunting innocent civilians or squandering and looting the public funds in the name of insecurity. No less important than the insurgents/terrorists in these trouble times is the non-military aspects. “To make war on reactionary insurgents and extremist terrorists”. It has been said, “is messy and slow, acting soup with a knife”. Some hold that you must fight insurgents and terrorists with regular troops; other that against extremists and fundamentalists must use guerrillas of your own. The answer suitably lies somewhere between the two: A good general to take the basic principles counter-insurgents warfare and apply them in reverse. The guerrilla’s first principle being mobility, your first object. If you are fighting against extremists and guerrillas must be to deny them mobility, to pin them down, and encircle them all. Again, you must try to deny them the element of surprise; in fact you must use it against them. Equally, while they try to avoid a pitched battle, you must try to force them into a pitched battle. They need the support of the local population, you must at all costs deny it them. Finally, against their strong idea, you must set a stronger idea that in the long run will prevail and win (non-military aspects).

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Written by:
Comrade Musa Ali Maishanu:
Ex-Demsa/Numan/Lamurde PRP House Reps Candidate Adamawa State and North East Regional Coordinator of Global Pan-Africanism network (GPAN), Nigeria Chapter.
comrademaishanu@gmail. Com

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