The Middle East is the origin of Islam and consequently determined the direction into which the thoughts, actions and inactions of an average Muslims living elsewhere, are geared. It may be argued, rightly though, that the essential footprints of Rasulullah (saw) is obviously available for us, written for any discerning reader and honest Muslims, to implement.

But it can never be successfully argued that the thoughts and understanding of what was read and fed to others are emotionally influenced, and essentially controlled by the earliest and contemporary powerful scholars of thoughts, domiciles in Arabia peninsula, Baghdad, and Persia; many of whom are sworn enemies, occasioned by the nauseating rivalry of “I am closer to prophet Muhammad than you!”

Leave it or not, the expressions and habits of the major figures of Arabs, and by extension, the Persia, all of whom are Middle Easterners and harbingers of Islam, are intrinsically subversive to the original intent of the Noble leader of Islam (SAW) and earliest handlers of the Muslim affairs, today.

The Arabs, traditionally, are unforgiving set of people. They are culturally vengeful and often court vendetta to the point of unequaled absurdity. It is convinient for an average Arab to embark on 50 years war just because somebody’s goat ate his wife’s Okro vegetables. Something an average and “uncultured” Yoruba man from Oyo in Nigeria will settled with heavy laughter with his counterparts from Ajase, in Benin Republic. Worse, it mattered less to him whether or not the owner of the goat was/is his clan least of tribesmen.

Unity of purpose and actions is practically secondary, and even in extended cases, tertiary to an average Arab. That was why it was difficult for the Arabs to accommodate Rasulullah (saw) when he came to them with the message of Unity in all ramifications. (It is amazing to hear many so-called scholars of today relegating unity of Muslims to the slaughter of the slab.

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Unity was strange to them! They couldn’t easily fathom why all their gods should collapsed in place of “one unseeable” God. They couldn’t see why they should come under one noble figure among men to confront their socio-economic headlong! They despised Rasulullah, wage war to suppressed and almost liquidate him. They only bowed under divine pressure and superior firepower of war!

The Persia (Iran) on the other hand, are arrogant, (a character that Allah and his prophet of Islam attributed only to Shaytan, the devil), so much that, even in the face of hard reality of possible self-inflicted annihilation, no eyelid would be blink. Blessed with many brainy and intellectuals of mankind, many of who laid the foundation of today’s political, military, scientifical and technological advancement, the Persia would rather seized to exist than subject themselves to the beckons and controls of any other race under any guise. But again, Rasulullah (saw) won their admiration easily. These two race, by circumstances controls today’s Muslim thoughts across the globe!

No good Muslim around today would be healthy and happy seeing what has happened and still happening in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The 21st century is a century of holocaust for the Muslims. It is a century that laid the foundation of a possible total extermination Muslims. The statistics of the dead Muslims from the bullets released by the Muslims against the opposing Muslims is enough for Allah Ta’ala wiped out the current generation of Muslims. But my Lord is truly As-sabuur (The Ever Patient).

The sight of infrastructural damages resulting from the bombs released and rockets fired by the Muslims warriors on Muslim nations is enough to cause immediate blindness to a passionate and honest followers of Muhammad (saw).

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It is doubtful that had Rasulullah is alive today, he wouldn’t weep uncontrollably at sheer numbers of Muslim women that have become widow, and children orphaned by the madness of Arabia/Persia; Saudi-Iran dichotomy among Muslims. Not to talk about the massive poverty created by the lunatics among men fighting for the establishment of “right and correct teachings of Islam”.

Rather than the blood sucker to end the Most Foolish War, they began to clamoring for marrying more than one wife as obligatory rites! And justifies poverty too!

Soulemani Qaseemi was said to be an ace General who have severally inflicted blows at the US-led Army in many different battles in the middle East some 20 years ago. An Iranian General, he was noted to be responsible for the survival of Syria from falling into the rebel hands.
He was also behind the coordination of the Palestinian Resistance Struggles against Israeli Occupation.

He was by no means, a General loved by Iranian and respected by both the American and the Israelis. He was said to be regarded as The Israel’s MOST DANGEROUS ENEMY. He had been subjected to super radar of word’s finest assassination attempts in the last 20 years, but he survived!

However, on the 3rd of January 2020 just before Jumaat Service, he was obliterated by ever United opponent. A strong opponent, devoid of arrogance, who will seek the support of the weakest community before going to war! The superstar General was knocked out by the United States after 20 years of relentless efforts! But this is not the news!

The real news was how the almighty US and the entire militarily advanced world began to catch cold and became fearful of the possible consequences of their action. At home in the US, the leaders became divided… “You shouldn’t have done that Trump!” some say so… “you’ve put us in dangers, Donald” echoes the House of Reps leaders!

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Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister have to hurried back home from his trip, the US defense secretary suspended his leave. Mexican President couldn’t talk, France is afraid. And even US President, on whose Authority the killing was done quickly say “I don’t want war with Iran!” Later he rang the danger bell for US citizens in Iraq to return home immediately! Everyone, across the world is jittery because of the death of a man whose enemy feared his existence.

As a Muslim, I have never seen a Muslim soldier so fearful in death than this Qaseemi. I then remember the disunity of my ummah. The reality then dawned on me that our greatest challenges isn’t the superpowerism of US and Russia but superdivisionism of the great ummah that was once the controller of the world!
Immagine, if Soulemani didn’t belong to the Shia sectarian of Muslim and command the entire Muslim Army as does Khalid bin Walid.

Immagine if Qatar spend its money on the wasted Muhammad Morsi, Sayyid Qutib. Imagine if Saudi-Iran dichotomy becomes a thing of the past. Imagine if there is Unity among the Muslim and imagine how peaceful the world!

With the cold that catches the world after the killing of Solemani Qaseemi… No doubt, another lion of the Muslim had been devoured, not by the American but by the DISUNITY of the ummah whose central pillar is based on UNITY!

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