Below are the summary of the past and present dialogues:

On important occasions i was contacted by Falalu’s Mediators such as Barrister Gambo and I. I. Muhammad of which the detailed of our dialogue discussions was posted on social media despite the fact that the results of the dialogue were not fruitful.

The reason was due to their inabilities to do the needful or to do what is desirable and now Mal. F. Bello replaced them with Alh. S. D. Misau, authority concern and general public to note.

Furthermore, I was called in the night at 6: 30PM: 24 August 2019 by Alh. Sale Danbiram Misau via my Airtel line on a fresh dialogue issues. He however told me that he was assigned by PRP Acting National Chairman in person of Mallam F. Bello to act on his behalf as Mediator between the conflicting parties.

The Comprehensive list of the conditions that would be submitted to him through Danbiram can be highlighted below. Thus:

  1. That Dr. Helen Ndidi Amaka Noami Gods will Solomon’s stolen money should be refunded. A letter of sincere apology should be written by Mal. F. Bello and sent to her. Also, Aspirants with similar cases should be treated as such. Lastly, the office of the National woman leader or legal adviser of the People’s Redemption Party should be given to Dr. Helen.
  2. All the approved Nomination fess and Nomination form procedures agreed by the legal and legitimate Leaders of the NEC prior to the National Delegates Conference should be maintained and respected. Again, Nomination fess and nomination form procedures should be declared or announced free and compulsory for all the Nigerian Youths willing to contest under the platform of the People’s Redemption Party (PRP) in the future or time to come.
  3. Those respected PRP state, great Local and legend Ward leaders that were removed illegally and illegitimately by Mal. F. Bello or offended deliberately should also be brought back to their respective positions and a letters of apologies should be written and serve to them all by Mal. F. Bello.
  4. The 49 great leaders of the NEC as approved by the then National leadership of the People’s Redemption Party (PRP) in Kaduna should be recognize and call for NEC meetings at all the time or when the need arises as prescribed by the Constitutions of the People’s Redemption Party (PRP) and issued in PRP communique.
  5. The three committees set up and inaugurated in Abuja by Mal. F. Bello should be cancelled and a new one should be set up, especially a Committees that will contained the names of the comrades like Comrade Shehu Sani, Dr. Helen Ndidi Amaka Noami Godswill Solomon, Alh. M. T. Zango, Brr. Y. N. M. Allah, Shamsudeen Umar Yalwa, Alh. Umar Baban Kwata and fell represented.
  6. The gap of Communications between the State leadership, the local Government leadership and National leadership of the People’s Redemption Party should also be brought to an end or should be address properly.
  7. The time table designed and set for the PRP National Conventions should be maintain and put into action in December 2019.
  8. Those that participated during last General Elections and after last General Elections in an Anti-Party Activities should be punish in accordance with the PRP’s constitutions.
  9. That Mal. F. Bello should automatically vacant the office of the National Chairman of the People’s Redemption Party and allow Comrade Shehu Sani to proceed or any other competent Socialist PRPISTS to take over.
  10. A genuine details of the report on the reason why People’s Redemption Party enter into General Elections in 2018-2019 without presidential Candidate should be written and publish by Mal. F. Bello.
  11. The office of the Chairman Board Of Trustees (BOT) should be recognize and respected in accordance with the Constitutions of the PRP.
  12. All the factional groups and frustrated members of the Party should be allow and ask to produce Party’s loyal members that would form the Committee for the National Convention of the Party.
  13. National Conventions Activities suspended in June 2017 should be reinstated and start their work under the same leadership and members for reorganization.
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Note: Any team of dialogue that would not put the above conditions into considerations. Definitely, such team should expect subversion from the frustrated and the disappointed Socialist PRPISTS.

Respectfully submitted to Mal. F. Bello’s Mediators.

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Comrade. M. A. Maishanu writes
Head of the committee of the Factional Uprising and Inter-Revolution in PRP.
29th August, 2019.

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