BFP Initiative holds climate sensitization campaign in Kaduna

The co-founder of BFI, Ibrahim Muhammad Shamsuddeen delivered a talk on environmental hazard and climate change and shade lights on the mission,vision, aim and objectives of the Initiative.


Break-Free From Plastics Initiative, BFI has conducted community climate sensitization and tree planting campaign in Zabi village of Zaria Local Government, Kaduna State on Saturday.

Speaking during the sensitization campaign Special Assistant to the Kaduna State Governor on Environment and Co-founder of the initiative , Sakinat Bello appreciated the community elders for giving them the opportunity and cooperation to sensitize them, stressing that ” I realize that there are some things that happen within our surroundings that we don’t take serious like our day-to-day activities, some affects other people with the way we eat our food, the way we move and the way we walk”.

She further said ” as I was coming into the community I could count the number of trees in Zabi community and in twenty (20) years before now they were there and now they are no where to be found because of our daily activities which leads to cutting down of those trees while they are not being replaced”.

Shading more light on the importance of tree within our environment Sakinat Bello explained that ”the importance of these trees cannot be overemphasized because they provides us with food, prevents erosion and gives ventilation.

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About 90% of Nigerian homes use the local stoves for their cooking. If we look at women in our homes that are exposed to open fires for cooking, heats that affects their skin and the smoke affects their eyes and affects their lungs as well”.

The co-founder of BFI, Ibrahim Muhammad Shamsuddeen delivered a talk on environmental hazard and climate change and shade lights on the mission,vision, aim and objectives of the Initiative.

He said these climate change are problems bothering our homes, offices, communities and environment.

He gave examples of parrots and other birds that have extinct due to deforestation that is rampantly going on in our present communities.

” Nowadays, the rise of temperature causes sicknesses such as malaria and typhoid to our wives and children. Climate Action is one of the things government and some non-governmental organizations in the world that sees the need to tackle this problem. But these problems cannot be done by these people unless we come together and take ownership of these problems” .

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Shamsudeen further said ” Apart from the oxygen and ventilation these trees provide to us, they are very important in our communities. This call to the initiative’s attention that it is worthy of us to come together and create awareness to the community and sensitize them on the importance of these trees. For example if you are to cut down a tree, you as a person is suppose to plant at least five (5) trees because they don’t grow at a time, some even take five years while some even take longer to grow.

That is why we have organizations like BFP Initiative that will go to these grassroot communities to enlighten people on the negative effects of what climate change does to us and the environment at large to create lasting peace, good health & well-being and eradicate poverty in the country”.

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The Special Assistant to the Kaduna State Governor Miss Rebecca Padonu also a co-founder of the initiative participated during exercise.

She briefly highlighted the importance of keeping our environment clean, emphasizing on bringing up the younger ones, children in the right path of ensuring that they know the essence of cleaning our environment.

” The things that we see around us that are actually dirty are papers, nylons, sugar cane shaft etc which people litter it around without even caring whether it is properly kept in a place or whether it is just around.

Sometimes we leave the environment so dirty and flies peach all around this things, if we understand that this thing directly affects our children we will actually endeavour to clean our environments” she added.

Responding the Village Head of Alhaji Tijjani Tukur thanked the initiative and urged them to maintain the tempo.

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