It is with utmost pleasure and gratitude I am writing this letter to congratulate you on your achievements as the commissioner of education Bauchi State. Since , I have this confidence that the Bauchi State educational sector will be great in your lead, for that I knew better than to expect brightness in our future leaders. May the loving God continue to bless your good works, Amen.

However, having observed with great extreme that our educational sector is retaining back its loss glory I thumb up to use this opportunity in drawing your attention on a neglected subject of study in our state.

Sir, I knew it will be shocking to bring to your notice that a great number of our government schools are not offering literature as one of their subject in the curriculum.

Not only that, in most of our schools, science students are given more special prominent and honor over the arts students. For example, no head boy or head girl for arts students no matter his/her capability. To them those offices are made for the God own children Scientists, as result this in turn shattered the dreams of our helpless arts students.

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In addition, although I was among one of those who were opportune to obtained their secondary schools certificate under Bauchi State Special Schools, but I am also a victim of lack of good background in literature. I joined Government College Toro in the year 2008 and till my departure on 2015 as an art student I have never come across a train literature teacher right from my junior secondary section to seniors section. The teachers allocated to take us are mere English language teachers claiming they can teach literature. As result we are not given the required background knowledge as they keep dangling around looking for what to put through. At first, I thought this act was only practice in my school until after my graduation I met some students from our helpless government day secondary schools who were busy dreaming of studying several arts courses such as law and its likes, but have not even heard of a subject call literature before not to talk of knowing it as part of their requirement to join higher institutions.

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Consequently, as for people like me, my lack of literature background as an art student whose dream was to study law and fortunately studied BA English language have makes my battle in the field very though. Perhaps I wasn’t able to get the good result expected of me as a product of your unlimited efforts in Government College Toro and until my graduation as a BA English language holder the scar have its giant effect on me.

Moreover, a prove to this can be seen in a school like mine were science students will be celebrating their 9 credits in both of their senior secondary schools certificate examinations (WAEC & NECO) results, while an art student will be battling to have the required 5 credits for him/her to further his/her studies.

This is a product of Bauchi State Special Schools stating these, how do you see or what will you expect from others if they ever have the voice to say their mind out?

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Finally, as science can not be offered without the teaching of physics, chemistry and biology like wise arts can not be offer without the teaching of literature so on this note I call on the ministry of education to standardise the teaching of literature and other art subjects in our secondary schools and also emulate from our neighboring state such as Gombe and Kano who mostly in their private schools teaches it at primary levels. This will build in our pupils great minds, sound and emphatic moral required of them. Adding to their brain size in tolerating problems and solving it in a miraculous ways.

Proper consideration for our art students please.

Umar Sani Yakubu writes from Dass a graduate from Bauchi State University Gadau can be reached via


  1. Wise and educative observation! I reason with you fluently my brother.

    The honorable commissioner ministry of education shall please give a proper concern about this matter .

  2. Superb . good job S.Y i hope ur suggestion on the innovation of the curriculum wll be considered. Proud of you BASUG PRODUCT…..

  3. This observation is worthy to be put in consideration. Even though I have believe in Dr Tilde but schools should encourage their students to undertake the subject.

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