Many public commentators believe that the difference between PDP and APC is Buhari because of the fact that he has no any record in the past and present time of pursuing self-enrichment agenda.

This could not apply to some of his appointees who were accused of embezzlement and abused of office for personal advantages and their love ones to the disadvantage of the common man who stood behind you and cast their votes for you from 2003 to date.

Mr President whenever it comes to you a request for reappointment and renewals of tenure, please look beyond the records of achievements of the Chief Executive Officer concerned, make thorough investigation in order to find out how he or she managed the affairs of the agency entrusted to him/her as the head. The best yardstick to measure the achievements of anybody is to dig deep into his/her leadership styles to see whether the successes recorded are inline with the strict sense of accountability and transferency not one covered with and under dubious means.

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Baba my expectations and that of many others now, after expiration of tenure of Babatunde Fowler as Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) Boss, please subject all your appointees heading agencies, departments and parastatals to thorough investigations in order to find out whether they are trustworthy enough to deserves reappointment or drop them.

As a security man you know many ways of getting the facts on how your appointees runs the affairs of their respective agencies/departments either for the best interests of Nigeria and Nigerians or in quest of getting richer through opening of bank accounts in foreign and domestic banks and insatiable desires to acquire expensive mansions in the most expensive areas at home and abroad.

Baba this is a common attitude among public office holders to get rich quick before their tenure expire. Majority of these political appointees in this category are opportunists who are more of political liabilities and political parasites than political assets because they are not electable and cannot stand any election due to lack and absence of personal leadership qualities and good human relations to win the hearts of the electorates to vote for them.

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Baba kindly examine their assets declarations forms before their present appointments, I have no doubt the overwhelming majority will lack confidence to make faithful, frank and honest declarations because there are sizeable discrepancies between what they are before and what they are today interms of net assets and deposits in banks.

My dream and hope for you is to see that after leaving office none of your appointees will be frequent guests for courts and anti-corruption agencies and that can only be possible if you withdraw the freehands given to them to manage their agencies as they wished in the promotions and protection of their personal interests to tarnish your personal image, integrity and respect.

As I said several times if they are going to be subjected to close monitoring and investigation you will discover that they are only with you physically, but not in spirits for a better Nigeria. The confidence of the Nigerian masses should be your paramount priorities than closeness with appointees.
Baba you should go beyond your personal integrity and ensure that all means of siphoning money by your appointees should be checked and blocked. If they betray the trust you will be blamed because you give them the opportunities to runs their agencies without interference. If they are found to be trust worthy appointees that can work without close supervision allows them, if they cannot then use mixed leadership style to close all the possible opportunities that give them access to do as they want, and ultimately sack anyone found wanting regardless of his/her closeness to you.

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Ado Umar Lalu writes from Kano can be reach via 08060306089

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