Open letter to Yahaya Gumau, Senator Bauchi South – Adamu Bello Karofi

At a time when the country is in its most trying time and when the price of goods have skyrocketted more than they've ever been in the previous past.


At a time when even the president and commander in-chief of the Armed Forces does not have a better health facility to treat common ear infection unless he jets out to the UK.

At a time when the country is in its most trying time and when the price of goods have skyrocketted more than they’ve ever been in the previous past.

My conscience will haunt on me if I don’t condemn in its entirety the proposed humongous sum of 37 Billion earmarked for the so-called renovation of the National Assembly Complex. To say this is a total misplacement of priority and a ridicule on the face of a common man roaming the street isn’t only an understatement but a tautology.

Distinguished Senator sir, power is transient and I am very sure you too know it but then let me take you down the lane of history to further buttress the Common Saying that power is indeed transient. Can you remember the great leaders who lived on this earth but have since disppeared into thin air like they’ve never lived before? The likes of King Solomon(Annabi Sulaiman), Alexander The Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Pharao (Fir’aun).

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Okay what about the recent ones in the persons of The Great Zik, The Tafawa Balewa, The Sardauna and The Awo? Among them are those who served their subjects with compassion, mercy and good conscience and those who did the opposite but what is common to all of them is that they’ve gone to the great beyond and only their deeds would salvage them from the torment of hell fire.

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Today you are there as a distinguished Senator and tomorrow you might not be. The only surrest way to escape the brutal judgment of history is through ensuring you have protected the interest of your people and not any other. The 37 billion could renovate and equip at least one of each of the Federal Hospitals we have in all the 36 states of the Federation.

With that, the Rate of Maternal Mortality and Morbidity will of course be reduced to a significant level and many more people will have access to quite a decent health care.

Distinguished Senator Sir, as I write this letter to you, I can’t help myself but shed tears of grief over the sorry state of a young man I witnessed a day before yesterday, a street urchin of barely 8 years crying and shivering as a result of extreme hunger and bone-chilling Cold. This is one among too many but your disconnection to those at the lower level of the Food chain won’t let you know what is actually going on and the bunch of sycophants surrounding you won’t tell you all these.

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I am hoping you will discern over the issue I raised and do the right thing.
This is the cry of too many Nigerians over the last few days. Take a tour down the cyber spaces of the country and see for yourself.

Pharmacist Adamu Bello Karofi writes from Bauchi.

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