NYCN suspends unregistered Youth Organisations

...Warns comrades and union activists on rampants issuance of awards 


Bauchi State Executive National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN has suspended the activities of all unregistered youths organisations in the state.

NYCN made the decision on Wednesday during the Executive Council meeting held at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Social Welfare State State Secretariat Bauchi.

Speaking after the meeting the state Chairman, Umar Lauya Hardawa said ” The State Executive Council Members of Bauchi State Youth Council hereby use this medium to notify the General Public, all Government parastatals, Voluntary Youth Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Civil society organisations , relevant agencies and corporate organizations, at its last Council Meeting had suspended all unregistered youth organisations and their activities”.

He added that the council sets all mechanism to verify the authenticity of such organizations under the supervision of Cooperate Affairs Commission and Ministry of Youth, Sports and Social Welfare.

” We are equally sets to verify the authenticity registration of their respective organisations with supervision of Cooperate Affairs Commission And The Ministry of Youth And Sport Development, Youth Directorate Department.
May I, warned the imposters such unions to quickly register their respective organisations so as to benefit from opportunities and intervention from government and non- governmental organizations”.

Lauya further said ” According to section 4 of the Act, any seven or more members of a union in accordance with the provisions of the Act may make an application apply for registration of the union. There are two conditions subsequent to the same, firstly no union of youths shall be registered unless at least 10% or 100 of the Youths, whichever is less engaged in the community of the establishment are its members on the date of making of its application and secondly no union shall be registered unless on the date of making of application, minimum seven of its members who are not committed in their respective community. Also registered Organizations need to validate their certificate for their benefits”.

The council also warned comrades on rampants issuance of awards to politicians and public figures.
” To all comrades that partake in the awards monopoly, ramphant distribution of awards for personal aggrandizement to the public figures especially the politicians, which in most cases even the recipients of the awards know they did nothing worthwhile, we will collaborate with securities agencies and other relevant authorities to deal with them.
We are not denying the Conferment of awards rather it should be base on merit by the officially/legally registered organizations”.


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