Tilde: Every Bauchi Secondary School is Special School – By Abubakar S. Imam

....Bauchi State Special Schools have recorded 82 percent performance of candidates that meet-up university requirements to study different courses


Knowing the fact that we’ve over 230 public schools in the state, some have been given major cosiderations.Of course, doing so is a nice idea due to the unprecedented record that the schools given special treatment set within the country since their establishment in 2000.

The story remains the same up to the recently concluded SSCE Examinations. Bauchi State Special Schools have recorded 82 percent performance of candidates that meet-up university requirements to study different courses.

This is contained in a report recently published by Nigerian popular Newspaper, ‘Daily Trust’. With that, one might say that the ideology of creating such schools is never a curse at any point to the state going by the history of great uncomparable students they’ve been producing across all the higher institutions of the country. This unprecedented phase was set to the limelight only by your commitments as the pioneer chairman of the management Board that made us really grateful about your well established and reshuffler of modern educational system.

Tilde is a veteran administrator and educationist who has served the state and the country in different capacities and the groundbreaker of contemporary world.

The father of State Special Schools is now given a great task to serve as the commisioner of education in order to set another favourable phase of education across all the public schools in the State, which I believe will be very simple if we can give him the desire support and prayers, God will indeed make it grateful.

Since the Advent of these schools, we are absolutely valiant to our dwellings and nobody on this escapede world will try to deny what you have done well to revamp the schools.

Remember the quality men you’ve worked with their vibrancy and willingness in service most especially in education, people such as Sale Husaini, the famous ‘Dallatun Dass’ whose believe with the wisdom says” Quality is never an accident; it’s always a result of intelligent effort.” Consider such personalities to give special concerns to each public school.

However, Tilde is committed to establishing another phase of merit schools in the state. Though the ministry remains the idea of merits schools undisclosed but what the public have to understand is, if we could remember what happened in 2000 during the establishment of great special schools is almost thesame thing with the matter at hand.

Records have shown that people have had tended to critique at every angle about the policy but then the initiative remains un-jeopadized and thesame set of people who’ve gone viral are the ones who are gratified with it at most.

Consider it from a certain outlook, if only three schools can make-up a state of over 20 local governments brave at all the angles of human settlement then, could you imagine if the number of such schools propagate what will happen in the future of the state. To a layman, I might say that would be the extinct of our educational problem.

Subsequently, now the primary work further ahead of Secondary School up to higher institutions which comprises NCEs and Polytechnics owns both by the public and the government where corruption has its special base.

They decided to deviate from the norms of providing good and quality teaching. This is the main duty of every NCE in Nigeria but the case differs today in most of our colleges.

The management sees education as a Business Venture which is totally wrong and that leads to the most of the illegal cases because money is their major concern. They don’t care about the primary aim. Examined the kind of NCE holders we’re producing and they’re the teachers and they come back to teach our younger generation.

The unqualified teachers who can’t account for the job, how do we expect our educational system not to collapse. The most annoying part is, I don’t know whether there’s any constitution that allows College of Education to recruit students into NCE2 directly without going through NCE1 and PRE-NCE to some extent. I even asked a retired civil servant who has diverse certificates in education ranging from Grade II up to B.Ed. Through out his lifetime in education sector, he has never known any policy that gurantees such an evil act in education.

Corruption, malpractice has eaten up every angle and the parents don’t care to interrogate the situation being of their children, but they only send them to schools to acquire certificates rather than knowledge because they consider it more important for them to get jobs and they view these institutions as an alternative.

If you can’t make it to the university directly then you should at least manage at the College or polytechnic which is not supposed.

Well, as we all know the best role of the government is showing by the body language and what Dr. Tilde demonstrates on his assumption in office has reafirmed to us that he’s the right person for education by the new method of administration he introduced.

Instead of a speech before stakeholders, he demonstrated his function with a gas stove, water, potato and matches. However, we already know Nigeria and we so much believe and understand most at the practical levels.

This is not only showing doing but also doing showing due to the ongoing recruitment of over 10,000 youth who have capacity knowledge of computer to monitor and access the daily works of our great teachers in public schools.

All in all, To really understand something Is to be liberated from it When learning and teaching continually improves everything improves.

We’ve confidence that Dr. Tilde will deliver it as spectacular as we wish. With that, I refer him as father of modern education in the state.

We believe he will fix the educational problems ranging from the primary Schools up to tertiary institutions. This is our prayers.

Abubakar S. Imam writes from Bauchi


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