Borno North NYP blasts UNIMAID for Increasing Students Tuition fee


Member representing Borno at the Nigerian Youth Parliament, Comr Shettima Umar blasted the management of University of Maiduguri, UNIMAID for students tuition fee increment.

He stated in a statement signed by member on Thursday.

” With reference to the major decisions from the 146th meeting of the University of Maiduguri governing council held on Friday, 4th October 2019 on resolutions that has to do with students tuition fees and other charges.

It is paramount upon us to categorically rebukes, reject and resist any increment and could inexorably battle the increment which has the inclination to depopulate the university”.

He added that all sons and sundry condemn the increment in totality.

” It is our collective responsibility as sons and daughters of Borno to justifiably oppose the increment in students tuition fees and other charges for the following reasons

1. Vast majority of students studying in the University of Maiduguri are jobless and self-supported, while the cost of living remains very high couple with hyperinflation, underpayment of civil servants with the minimum wages of N18,000.00, low household income and acute poverty due to Boko Haram insurgency in the north-east that has the high level of illiteracy, high level of school drop-out and one of the poorest zone in the country that constitute about 80% of the students in the University of Maiduguri.

2. Education is not a privilege, but a fundamental right according to Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Chapter II, sub-section 18 of the Nigerian Constitution.

3. The University of Maiduguri was never established for profiteering or profit maximization”.

Umar further said the university was established to contribute to national development not for profit making.

” To our knowledge UNIMAID, is not a revenue generating entity, but a public institution solely established to contribute to national development by providing quality tertiary education”.

He further said ” It is on the aforesaid basis, We wish to implore the University of Maiduguri management and the Governing Council not to forget the institutions’ past and the long way it has been travelling.

For indeed, the greatness of UNIMAID is neither in it is architectural ingenuity nor in the exquisite magnificence of its major edifices, but lies rather in the longtime tradition and ideology which the institution has continued to hold onto in the past 40 years of it is existence”.

The statement added that the affordability of the university has attracted children from poor background to access education.

” Due to it is affordability, the institutions has been able to turn the lives of many families around by making advanced education accessible to brilliant children from poor homes. Many of them are now their families’ bread winners due to the University of Maiduguri students’ tuition fees that come with human face. This is the greatness of UNIMAID that people keep talking about.

Finally, the fact that this outrageous vicious increment will deny poor people access to education which also has the tendency of disfranchising the populace from acquiring knowledge, increasing the rate of violence/societal vices in the society and disrupting academic exercise in the university of brilliant poor students.

We call on the university management to reverse the increment for the wellbeing of our peaceful state.

We hope the increment will be reversed with immediate effect for the general interest of the less privileges and the peaceful co-existence of our dear state”.


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