Reactions awashed Social Media over Bauchi Fin.Commissioner’s resignation

... as State Govt remains mute


After a perfortated resignation of Bauchi State Commissioner of Finance Alhaji Nura Manu Soro and his inability to address pressmen has been causing a lot of reactions within and outside the state particularly in the social media platforms.

The former Special Adviser to Ex-Governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar on Information and Communication Technology, Comr. Ibrahim Doji Doji has initiated a discussion on his Facebook page that triggered many reactions.

He said ” Safeguarding the Bauchi State Public Finances from the shackles of Corrupt Government Officials is more important to Nura Manu Soro than anything”

Doji Doji commended the young commissioner for quiting from the PDP led administration.

”The sudden exit of Mal. Nura Manu Soro as Bauchi state Commissioner of Finance in Governor Bala Mohammed’s administration is a very commendable act of honor worthy of emulation by all”.

The young comrades also related the resignation of Nura Manu Soro with the scenario that sorrounds the former Central Bank Governor Sunusi Lamido Sunusi.

” This is exactly the path Nura Manu Soro and the present Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, followed when they were faced with two options of either succumbing and bowing down to the personal whims and caprices of few Government officials or leave the office for the greater good of salvaging their names and protecting their integrity”.

He further revealed that the young commissioner resigned to protect his intergrity and honor in the state.

” Mal Nura Manu chose to preserve his hard-earned honesty and vacate the position than allow the so-called “elected” government officials of Bauchi state under his watch as the Fin. Commissioner to mismanage our resource, in a state where a large percentage of the entire wage bill is a ghost and there’s no political will to stop it.
It is completely untrue that Nura Manu Soro has resigned just because of the cabinet reshuffling”.

The posting further reads apart ” As a young man, Nura Manu is expected to give the impression to the youth that the public office is a trust which can only be accepted and retained if honesty and public interest are above the personal interest.
But whenever one who is in a public office especially the office that is as strategic and sensitive as the Finance Ministry sees that the main concern of other officials is personal, not the interest of the common man on the street, the best and noble thing one should do is to QUIT and quit immediately. And in my opinion, that is precisely what an honest Nura Manu Soro did.

But because of his silence, some ‘elements’ allegedly sponsored by the Bauchi State Government are trying to twist the fact and realities to paint him black.

If I may advise, the government should stop all the lies, all the pretense, come out with the true and real reason for the resignation of Ex-Finance Commissioner, apologize to the public and promise to be financially honest and show a sign of commitment to that effect. Else, the government might open a can of worms they won’t be able to close.

In conclusion, it is very pertinent to clear the air by saying that yes, Nura Manu Soro was neither dismissed nor disengaged. He has simply resigned from whatever position and a member of the State Executive Council because of so many reasons, some of which are mentioned above.

People, especially the youth, should not be made to believe that accumulation of wealth, by all means, is more important than one’s honesty, integrity, and good track records.
The interest of greater public service and the interests of good people of Bauchi state who put them to office should be the most important thing”

Reacting to the post Khalifa Abubakar Dan Amarya says ” A man of honest, dignity, may I wish him succees ”

AU Angayau said ” His exit reminds me of Engr Nuhu Gidado”.

Meanwhile on his on part Daure David Dankoli reacted and said ” 😂😂.. Ai Ba’a kansa aka fara Resign.. Ku dai a dole kuke neman Fault.. Wallahi Koda shine Commissioner of Finance, it won’t stop EFCC from getting their facts 😂. Alaji EFCC are coming for Your Boss 😂😂”

Replying to Daure David Dankoli’s comment Usman Lele said ” you guys are saying EFCC are coming pls when are they coming stop wisting our time with your Lie’s”

Sahal Mika’il Ibraheem Gar contributed also to the discussion ” I like the guy bcos of his sincerity”.

Abdullahi Kaka Jaja “May Nura Manu continue to succeed”

And Isa Ibrahim Sule also said ” Heheheheheheh Daga Uhum sae uhm wae Uwar gulma tayi cikin shege. Allah ya taimaka”


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