In many communities from different part of the world particularly during Pre-Islamic era in the middle East, girls children are facing various humiliations ranging from ” burying them alive ” claiming that ” girls are causing poverty, shameful and disgrace to families” this clearly shown that Sexual and Gender Based Violance has been existing for many decades, so the fight against this ungodly acts must a be collaborative.

But with the advent of Islam, this urgly narrative changes but not totally eradicated, the worrisome part of SGBV in many communities is education denial both Islamic and Formal.

Those parents subscribe to such human rights violence are always saying ” Girls can only memorise only Suratul Fatiha and other few chapters for Sallat because she is a someone property , so I wouldn’t spend my wealth on already sell property”.

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It is in view of this and many more World leaders assemble in 2012 to fight this SGBV against our girls.

This year’s event was commemorated on Friday , October 11 with the tags #GirlForce #Unscripted and #Unstoppable.
The burning issue now is educating girl child in northern Nigeria, many states are trying some have failed.

We all agree and believe that educating a girl is an education for all because of it pivotal role in the development of community/society. For instance the role being played by Malala Yousoufzai currently working tirelessly recognized by international communities, her efforts has changed many ugly narratives on girl child education.

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Corrobating with what Malala is doing on girl child education, Kaduna State Government under the able leadership of Govenor Nasir El-Rufai deserve accolades because of declaring education free and compulsory to every girl child in the state.

Educating a girl child is what will give her access to know her rights for both Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right which is also a top priority before getting married.

As our passion to advocate and support girl child, kudos to Kennedy Lugard Youth Exchange Program Alumni Association Kaduna State Chapter, e-CAPH and other development partners for organising a program to youths that shared the same taught with us in the Rigasa Kaduna state to sensitize, advocate and raise awareness on the important of girls education, how to access Family Planning, how to prevent and report any act of Sexual Gender Base Violence.

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Last but not the least we are also thanking Youth Hub Africa for opening our eyes on how to advocate, sensitize, raise awareness and support girl child and women in general with our voices.

By Mohammed Bayero Yayandi and Imrana Garba

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