10 Years Anniversary : The Rise of Dass Emirate – By Umar Sani Yakubu


Dass emirate is one of the most recognized emirate in Bauchi State.

According to historical archives, the emirate has suffered several attacks from the then Emir of Bauchi the great Yakubu who was a representative of the Fulani Jihadist (Shehu Usman Danfodio) in 19th century.

The kingdom survived the hardship and maintain it status through the power believed to be have being obtained from mountain Mbula of the land.

Mountain Mbula, is a one of the strategic hill that occupied so many hectres of land in Dass. It is a three thousand miles hill above see level and believe to be kissing the sky.

Historial archives shown that the mountain is the source of power and the only guide to the land.

Many years ago this great land was ruled by different drawn from Jarawa clan (the land most recognized tribe).

In 1913 the colonial masters recognised the emirate as a third class Chiefdom.

Dukkurma ruled and united the people of Dass until his death on 1927. After his death he was succeeded by his educated son Alhaji Usman Maleka, the grandfather of the incumbent emir.

During the reigns of Usman Maleka, the emirate has witnessed rapid development in many aspects ranging from recognition of the land as Local Government Area during the state creation in 1976.

Maleka was succeeded by his Son Alhaji (Dr) Bilyamin Othman in 1977.

Emir Bilyaminu is a world recognized Journalist who served at British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC London).

He also served in many capacities both in the State, Country and the World in general before his turban as the emir.

During his reign the emirate developed rapidly to second-class and first-class emirate in 1983 and 1997 respectively.

He died on 29th October, 2009, he was also succeeded by his first born Alhaji Usman Bilyaminu Othaman II.

Emir is a humble with charismatic style of leadership which bought him the love and respect from the people of the emirate.

However, his ten years anniversary celebration reminded me of how his father appeared during his own same anniversary in 1987. Then the emir was 2nd class and based traditional style the turban is 1 round struck.

The 2 round turbans  signifying the power of first class emir in many places.
But in recognition of his late father the incumbent Emir during October 2nd ten year anniversary on the throne, Emir Usman emulate the style of turban used by his father during the same anniversary.

May the soul of late Emir Bilyaminu Usman continue to rest in peace ameen.

Umar Sani writes Dass Local Government, Bauchi State and can be reach via www.saniumaryakubu@gmail.com


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