Girl Child Activist, Amina Mubarak decries inadequate of Midwives in Nigeria


A Bauchi based Girl Child Activist and UNFPA Youth Advocate Amina Mubarak Ahmad has frowned on relevant authorities in the Heath sector over inadequate number Midwives in Nigeria.

Amina Mubarak Ahmad at the middle speaking during UNFPA Advocacy training for youths 

In a Facebook post by the activist said “Each  Midwifery School in Nigeria hardly graduate 50 students every year , because it’s the standard of the Nursing and Midwifery Council Of Nigeria that only 50 students are to be indexed each year from each school. I keep on asking myself why?.

She called for recruitment more Midwives in Nigerian clinics, maternities and hospitals in order curtail the rate of maternal and neonatal mortality and the challenges of reproductive health.

“With rates of maternal mortality and morbidity, neonatal mortality, Under 5 mortality and the challenges of reproductive health we are facing today I think we need more midwives”.

She also advocated for the establishment of more Colleges of Nursing and Midwifery Schools and stressed the need for the retention of health personel in their duty post.

With some states having only 1 Nursing and Midwifery School and every year its only less than 50 midwives among which most of them after graduation move to universities and some even change cadre, and some when posted to rural communities they hardly stay there where you can go to so many communities with no single midwife. I think it’s a big challenge that need to be considered with utmost consideration.

Emphasis should be on giving the midwifery skills not the theoretical aspect of the profession. It’s unfortunate that most of the student midwives put more energy on passing the exams than learning the skills”.

Mubarak added that “The sad fact always remains that most of the students are there because of the monetary benefits not for humanitarian services, because it’s well known that after graduation there is automatic permanent appointment by the government.

More Midwives are retiring with less midwives on ground.

Women are dying because of Pregnancy and its complications from conditions that can be prevented.

Women especially in rural communities are dying and suffering because there are no skilled attendants that will attend to them.

Women are given births at the hands of unskilled personnel which most of the times subject them and their babies to complications and sometimes death” 


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