Girl Child Education: A Weapon for Sociatal change- Mohammed Yayandi and Imrana Garba

A wise and civilized individual in this modern era knowns that our girls need to be educated and empowered not be forced to early marriage.


Lots of questions from different perspective having pumping into people’s mind that “why is attention given more to girl child”, education is key to any social development a reasonable society can’t denied the facts.

A wise and civilized individual in this modern era knowns that our girls need to be educated and empowered not be forced to early marriage.

In a typical conversions of resposible guy in a discussion arena always centered towards marrying ” a good, educated and wise that can’t disgrace me in the presence my friends” now you believe that educating the girls in both formal and religious can’t be emphasized.

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As youths advocates for gender equality and women rights activists we deemed it paramount to called on government and development partners need to give more attention to rural communities in Northern part of Nigeria to double efforts in sensitizing and raising more awareness on importance of girl child education in the society.

The sensitization campaign and awareness in rural communities can play a vital in achieving the education for all especially girls.

When we have more educated girls many ugly and inhuman acts of sending our sister to hawk in a street.

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Despite many hindrances and bottlenecks that are affecting girls education in core northern Nigeria, there are many educated women who excelled in many fields which ought to serve as role models in our society.

Citing example with former vice of University of Abuja Dr. Gambo Laraba Abdullahi, Deputy United Nations Secretary General Mrs. Amina J Muhammad, Zainab Bulkachuwa, former Chief Judge Maryam Aloma Mukhtar, incumbent Deputy Governor of Kaduna State and many more are all successful due to education.

So considering aformentioned we are tasking our young girls to in forefront in championing a change in there respective communities to use the resources they have in organizing step down training on workshop, seminar, trainings and conference they have privilege of attending, that will motivate them and give them passion to build mind set that they can also make it.

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Inter-government organization, Federal and State Government, International organizations have entities that deals with women empowerment, to strengthening women participation in technology politics, policy making and most opportunities give 70% to women just to empower them and make them feel they are also important.

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