Plateau Clashes: The Reasons these killings will continue

By Habib Korede Jimoh
We should remember that recognizing and taking responsibility to tackle an emanating problem is what actually makes a leader responsible. If oppositions should continually be blamed for this monstrousness, when would we have the chance to seek for solutions to resolve this perennial killings? Haven’t we realize that our national coexistence has been under a serious threat? We are comfortable undermining the processes that will yield our lasting peaceful coexistence by our incessant blame-game and shame-game.
Victim of crisis in Nigeria
Photo: BBC Hausa 
The Prime reason the previous administration was unanimously rejected is nothing but “security”. As well, the prime reason this administration was unanimously voted for is nothing but “security”. The blazing insecurity in the previous administration was heightened; a result of our deliberate-stupidity, by not seeking to uproot the genesis of the whole cause. We were pleased enduring the unendurable; elements of disintegration birthing sentiments out of political affiliation, ethnic jingoism and religious fanaticism. If there is any aspect this current administration should focus to strengthen the more; is nothing but security. Insecurity in a nation eventually divides the government attention, drives out investors, slows development, increases poverty and subject the whole citizens to vulnerability.
The media should have realized that spicing the truth with lies is what undermines the situation. There have been a lot of undercover news by media – from acquaintances living in Riyom that a lot of lives were terminated along the Berom to Riyom Axis of Jos, where hoodlums barricaded the road and were killing the journeying people of a particular religion. My major problem is not because a religion is killing another religion; my major concern is: why would a human kill his fellow human out of human difference; unjustifiably? The press have also done more harm than good in dividing the masses by their unethical style of journalism; by twisting every happening to soothe their selfish-interest which makes it very difficult for an average Nigerian to sieve the truth from falsehood. Reliable source have it that killings had also been going on in Cross River and Ebonyi State with thousands of displaced people and many houses burnt to ashes; but it is nowhere to be found in any news headlines simply because the killings over there does not involve a people of a particular ethnic or religion, or probably because the news can’t be distorted to satisfy their selfish-aim as usual.
Eschew the farfetched news in circulation by the media who are unapologetically interpolating the Killings in Jos to herdsmen chaos; these killings in these regions are motivated out of religious dogma and ethnic chauvinism. It is only when we look at every problem from the reality perspective, then, we would be serious in mending wounds and restoring peace, as our peaceful coexistence is a collective effort that we must all engage in its process. For a mutual understanding to be reach, a sincere and serious dialogue must ensue between the heads alongside the religious leaders of the conflicting zones in Jos, Zamfara, Cross-River, Ebonyi, Benue and etc, etc.
In a press statement by President Muhammad Buhari sometimes in January 2015, as depict by Daily Trust, he said and I quote: “Every Nigerian life is Sacred… Every Nigerian life matters. We cannot continue like this. Things must change. Nigerians are dying everyday due to incompetence… The responsibility of the Nigerian Government is to protect and respect the lives of Nigerians, regardless of Politics, or elections… Do you truly want a country where your life is not safe?”
As the incumbent President was enthusiastically desperate to become the GCFR of Nigeria, so should he, with all his wits and vigour ensure that the sponsors of the  mastermind to the perpetrators behind these killings are convicted. Anything apart from this, then, I’m Sorry…
Lest I forget the title of my article; however and whatever, because we “Nigerians” are too tolerant of our non-performing leaders out of selfish interest and sheer-hypocrisy, and because we have allowed ourselves to be cleaved apart a result of our chronic-chauvinism is the solemn reason these killings will continue.
Bye and Peace!
Habib Korede Jimoh writes from Bauchi.


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