New method of Adultery and Fornication – Robot sex dolls

By Sunusi Lafiaji 

First, they produced pornographic videos to destroy the psyche of young men and women and turn them into perverts and rapists.

Sex doll

Then, they introduced it into movies, both local and international and called it “soft porn”. There’s hardly a movie that does not include sex scenes.

Then, they shot music videos featuring naked young girls dancing provocatively with their male counterparts, and, in some occasions with some scenes of real sex.

Then, they established strip clubs where young girls appear naked on stage, swinging and twisting her body provocatively to keep her viewers turned on for sex.

Then, they advocated and even legalized same sex marriage and also approved bestiality under certain circumstances.

Then, they manufactured vibrators and dildos to keep young women perpetually in sexual activities with these objects and to inculcate them with the satanic philosophy of “We no longer need men to attain sexual gratification.”

Now, they have also produced sex dolls to turn young and foolish men into perverts sleeping with plastic objects and to also instill in them the thought that “We don’t necessarily need women to enjoy sex”.

Soon, marriage will become an abandoned institution and prostitution and rape will be on the rise.

Gradually, our world is treading the path to self-destruction. We are on a perilous path to perdition.

We are moving towards that time when the Rosuul said, “50 women will be looked after by one man.”

Sex dolls are now the new competitors in za oza room affairs.

Allaah ya kyauta



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