Traditional Monuments in Ganjuwa local Government:Babban Gwani

Ganjuwa local Government has been bless with numerous monuments that attracts tourists within and outside the country.One of these monuments is Baban Gwani Fadan Madakin Bauchi District Head of Ganjuwa. Located in Kafin- Madaki the headquaters of the Local Government. The palace was built in 1858 by famous Northern Nigerian Traditional Architect Muhammadu Durugu, the building was designed with mud, sand and clay and decorated with traditional buildings materials.The building contains sections which include Zaure (Gate), Filin Duka (Punishment Field), Babban Gwani ( Main Palace Hall) and Cikin Gida ( Interior Side of the palace) etc.

The palace has a gate well built and design to suit weather conditions both winter and summer period.

 Filin Duka is located immediately after the main the gate it is set aside for punishing those that commit an offense and it is occasionally use by the district head for resting especially in evening.Filin also serves as corridor and way  that will take to Cikin Gida and Babban Gwani.

 Babban Gwani is the main palace of the Bauchi Emirate Commander (Madakin Bauchi). It is well designed and decorated with different  traditional architectural designs that suit the culture, traditions,norms and values of people of Ganjuwa District. The most exciting and interesting aspect of the hall; it has well- ventilated windows, well designed archs and frames that are being projected from the floor to the roof, it is well design in such away weather condition either summer or winter period the comfortability is well there.

 Cikin Gida; it is the interior part of the house where the rooms for the district head wives  are located, also contains rooms for the  Madakis son and daughters i.e heirs of the throne,conquiviens, courtiers, palace servants and other peoples that are related to the palace.

The palace was built during the Madaki Abdulkadir I the 1st District Head of Ganjuwa who ruled from 1858-1897 he was son of Bidado (Lifidin Bauchi) the founder of Kafin-Madaki.

Initially the District was ruled by different clan. The Bidado has two sons Abdulkadir I and Garba, the death of Bidado, Abdulkadir was turbaned as first District Head of Ganjuwa.

The clan of first  District Head of Ganjuwa ruled for 93 years .

Madaki Abdulkadir I gave birth to many children among them who Ganjuwa District were Muhammadu Fateh as the 2nd Madaki from 1897-1900. He was by Adamu Dembo, who spent 7years on the throne.

Then Ibrahim succeeded him as the 4th Madaki from 1907-1916 .

The fifth Madaki was Muhammadu Ghani who ruled Babban Gwani palace between 1916-1935. His son Abdulkadir II successeded him and spent 4years on the throne.

Later Madaki Shehu who was the brother of Muhammadu Ghani ascent the throne from 1939-1951 .

Meanwhile the families of Garba ruled for 52 years.

Madaki Abubakar Garba was first to ruled the district in Garba’s clan, he ascent the throne from 1951- 1979 .

He was succeeded by his brother the Chiroma of Madaki, Ibrahim Halilu who was turbaned in 1979 and died in 2000.

The 10th Madaki , Ahmed Abubakar the Son of Abubakar Garba and brother of Ibrahim Halilu the 9th assumed throne in 2003 and died in 2013.

The Incumbent Madaki of Bauchi and District Head of Ganjuwa, Dr Baba Muhammad Gidado was turbaned in 2014.

To ground it all Babban Gwani and dynasty of Madaki of Bauchi has remain in the minds of the people of Ganjuwa Local Government and its worth to be preserve.

By Imrana Garba.
From Kafin-Madaki Ganjuwa Local Government.
A Graduate of Chemical Engineering ATBU Bauchi
Blogger: Arewa Affairs



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