How to Grow your Business online – By Hayatudeen Mustapha

By  Hayatudeen Mustapha 
You don’t want to take the online space for granted.The internet penetration is increasing every day and more people are coming online.

Today with the internet, the small brands can effectively compete with the big brands using the internet and social media tools like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest to communicate with your customers or audience to sell your offerings.
I say this to a lot of people, the future of your business or anything you do at all is online, so I charge you to start using the internet as a leverage to grow your business.
In helping you to be able to do this well, I will walk you through a five-step process you can follow to grow your business and influence online.
Clarity: You should have a message on what you want to be known for online.Make up your mind and go for what you have expertise on and start attracting those that need your products and services.
Are you a poet?
Are you a doctor?
Are you a pastor?
Are you a sales coach?
Are you a network marketing expert?
Are you a writer?
Are you a skin expert?
Choose your niche area of strength and stay there.Be known for that thing that you do.That is the essence of clarity.
Contents: Put out valuable contents out there.Start educating people through contents that educates them on your area of strength.Let us say you are a skin expert, what I will be doing is to write contents that teaches how to look good and confident.Don’t sell your contents just educate.
Teaching builds up a rapport, selling kills it.What this does for you is to attract your own audience to you, and these are the people that are likely to like, trust and buy your products and services.
Money follows value.
The only reason why people or companies make money online is that they have products and services, that is they have something they are selling.Your business will really take off online and become profitable when you have products that spread your message and expand your income opportunities.
Profile: Once you have clarity of message, that is what you want to be known for and all that you do online and offline is your message.You will automatically now have an identity which would build up your profile.Once you have a profile, you are on your way to discover your products and services.
Partnerships: Go for partnerships in business.Try to build real relationships with people of value that are already influencers with huge potential of followers that need your products and services.Rather than running expensive advertising campaigns, focus on engaging with people of influence and create a win/win partnerships.
This is a lucrative way to start growing your business anywhere in the world.


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